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L&HH Nasal E: oops i mean Hazel E!


Hazel E reportedly been fired from the VH1 reality show, but producers claim it’s not because of her social media rant last week when she called dark skin women “monkey looking dark butts” who were jealous of her light skin and said gays should “burn in hell”

A spokesperson for VH1 and the show’s producers, Monami and Eastern, say they collectively decided not to pick up Hazel’s option for the next season of “LHHH,” but the decision was made on Oct. 4 a full two weeks before Hazel and her boyfriend went on their vicious homophobic rant. Hazel E angered producers during the reunion show taping in September, which is why they pulled the plug.Pretty much Hazel E was already cut off ! 

“LHH” creator Mona Scott-Young was reportedly infuriated by Hazel’s verbal attack and made sure VH1 knew it, according to TMZ, “perhaps to squash any possibility of bringing her back.”

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She just signed a deal with ” Shoe Dazzle ” and now the online shoe and accessory subscription service that has partnered with La La Anthony, Keke Palmer and Kim Kardashian, announced that all imagery and any “Hazel-E” mentions have been removed. The company posted on their Instagram: “We are aware of the recent social media posts and thank our fans for bringing it to our attention. At ShoeDazzle, we believe in love and equality for all and have removed all content associated #loveislove”


In other Hazel-E news, the disgraced reality star lost an endorsement deal with ShoeDazzle over her racist, homophobic rant.

Hazel E 10 year old boyfriend, oops i mean 25 year old boyfriend “Rose Burgandy” from Inglewood, CA has also made disgusting rants to the LBGT community. What is going on with you two? Hazel might as well say bye bye to shoe dazzle because she is removed and not approved lol, okay okay i’ll stop.



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