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How having self love changed me…


So it was a point of time in life that i didn’t love myself. I really had self hate. I didn’t feel that i was good enough for no one, even myself. It was hard for me to be around people because i didn’t want to bring my negative personality around them. Being the girl that’s always depressed or angry isn’t the best feeling. I had times when i looked at myself in the mirror i didn’t feel beautiful, I felt that i was just a failure to society. As time go by, I started looking at things in life different.

I had to ask myself why am i so angry? Why don’t i love myself? Why don’t i think i’m beautiful, when a lot of people tell me i am?. I literally asked myself that, in guess what? I couldn’t even answer it myself. I couldn’t even figure the reason why i sincerely feel the way i feel about myself when it’s so many people think differently about me. 

So, I started to write down everything i don’t like about myself in my diary. I have a personal self love mirror that someone close made for me. Everyday I would pick up my mirror, and tell my reflection everything that’s positive. You are beautiful, you are unique, you are smart, you are artistic, you are ambitious, your smile is the best, your eyes are breath taking, you are a woman of god, you are brilliant, and you are a wonderful mother.

I told myself so many positive things that really made a change in my life. Nobody can change who you are and how you feel but yourself. No matter how many times i fail or don’t be in a specific place in life, I still manage to stay positive, have faith, love myself, and appreciate how far i have became no matter what. Only you can control what goes on. 


I hope for the people that read this

Please believe in yourself, love who you are

no matter what, SELF LOVE is always the BEST LOVE you can

ever give to yourself.


6 responses to “How having self love changed me…”

  1. You are beautiful!! In your own way and in your own right! You are brave to share your story, if you need a friend, here I am!

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it, it feels good to express myself now. Also, thanks for your recognition I appreciate it so much dear🤗.

  2. The bible says you have to love yourself first before you can love others. If you think about that for just a moment it makes perfect sense. If you hate yourself, you build a wall around yourself that no one can penetrate. I’m happy for you that you realized that, now you’re complete. Have a great life.

    1. Very true! Thank you so much 😊

  3. Love love lovd

    1. Thanks beautiful.

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