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Sometimes, staying focus and making sure you do whatever you can to get where you want in life is a pain in the butt. It is very over whelming and you just want things to happen immediately. Well i totally understand, I am no where in life that i want to be but i am blessed with where i am at now. Sometimes you have to understand that life can be and still get way worst. Being focused and patient is the #1 Key when it comes to a busy life style. I know the field that I want to get in takes patience and time, so i do other small things on the side, to keep me more occupied and also give me more knowledge and other things. Sometimes it is a hard pill to swallow when it comes to your exact profession, but, everything can’t just come in the blink of an eye.









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An average girl who decided to live an extraordinary life. With the help of this blog I’ve become more open & free, like i was always destined to be. I write to inspire your best life and encourage you to #livealittle. My goal is to turn blogging into a fulltime hobby/job in the near future. Until then, follow my journey you will not regret it :).

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