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Mommy trying to burn it off: My work out journey

So I have been small for a very long time, I always had a perfect body. When I had my kid I totally snapped back to my regular size. February 2015 I lost my mothers twin sister, I started stressing and went through a depression. As I went through that depression I began to start gaining weight, eating food cheered me up for whatever reason.

I am 5’7, and my normal weight was 155 pounds. I went from 155 pounds to 230 pounds 😳. So 2016 I began working out then I started to get lazy and stoped, I started back January 2017 and I also started back slacking. So, October 2017 I did something called the 7 day cabbage soup diet to see if that would motivate me, and yes it did. From doing the cabbage soup diet I went from 230 to 220. After the cabbage soup diet I started working out repeatedly and I went from 220 to 209.

So December 2017 I had stopped for a while, and of-course I got to comfy. January 2018, I went a couple times not as much, but as I check my weight once a week, I still was 209. February 2018, I started working out 4 days a week, and I have been working out non-stop, now i have been working out 5 days a week. I have not checked my weight and I probably want until another 2 months from now. Constantly checking your weight sometimes will discourage you or motivate you, but i rather just wait it all and just keep going hard. It’s not one bone in my body that makes me want to quit. I am so proud of myself and feel like this will be a long journey for me.

My main goal is to get to 190, then from 190 to 185. I do want to lose a lot of belly fat because I had a kid and I have stretch marks so I want to get a flat tummy so it won’t look so badly. If you want to lose weight and you went through so many obstacles and overwhelming days to stay consistent, don’t give up keep going. Remember consistency is the key. You have to push your self and even if you do give up, try motivating yourself, go on social media and look at some of these fit moms or just regular people that constantly work out maybe they can motivate you! I say you can do it! Why? Because you can!

So I will be blogging my journey from here now on hope you all follow through with me!

XoXo- Daily with SB🌻🌻🌻

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