So for the past two years I have been blogging, and now I’m so ready to start travel blogging. Lately I have been visiting a lot of travel bloggers blogs or instagrams, and they go to all these amazing places, I mean I am thrilled by all the pictures I see. So, I made a goal for myself, keep going for what I want. I would love to travel the world and go to places I have never seen before. Everywhere looks so tropical, peaceful, and a whole different scenery. I’m a bit tired of California now.

I’m ready to get on the plane in just go and enjoy life. I have 2 places so far that I really want to go to, either by the end of the year or beginning of next year. I am passionate about this. I mean seriously, I’m only 27 years old, it’s time to really get stuff going. Here are some really cool pictures I found online!

Dominican Republic


These are my first two places I want to go explore. Don’t it look so beautiful? If any travelers have any awesome places they have been to and think it would be great for a first trip instead of these two please comment or email me. I am all for it 😊. Also, if you been here and you enjoyed the experience please let me know also!

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