+Mothers day gift guide ❤️

So I know its hard finding gifts for us women, especially depending on what kind of women you are buying the gift for. She can be either picky, grateful, or already have so much that you don’t even know what to get. I figured out a few things, even myself would like for a great mothers day gift.

*Aldo Gift Card 

Majority of women love shoes, instead of picking them out yourself, you can just give her a gift card with a start amount of $50.00 and up. Aldo has a variety of shoes, from heels, flats, boots and so much more.

*Victoria Secret Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with Victoria Secret. Women love a nice lingerie set, bra + pantie sets, or a sweat suit set. Victoria Secret is a store women love going to shop at and spend about 30 minutes to figure out what we really want. They always have awesome deals there also, so i say the best amount to add is at least $100. 

*Sephora Cosmetics – Lip kit set

Every woman needs some cute high quality lipstick/lip gloss. So why not get the kit? You can get lip gloss and lipstick, so whatever the occasion you are attending, you can pick which one you want, with variety of different colors. Sephora is one of the best trendy cosmetic lines that will have your lips popping!

*Vase of Flowers

Okay, so we all know that flowers is a ladies best friend. A nice set of flowers to sit at her dining table, or at her office would be great. The smell and look of flowers always brings peace. I recommend colorful flowers, because they bring the mood around your area so positive.

*Bath and Body works

Bath and body works is one of the best body products. If you don’t want to buy the typical body spray and body wash gift sets, you can always get bath bombs, candles, scrubs, and oils. Bath and body works have so much awesome products you can choose from.

     Hope my mother’s day gift guide helped a little. Have a great day/night.



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