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How my Sunday went 🙂



Sunday Vibes


1.Plain pink top

2.Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans * I cut them up that way, i wanted like a shorts/ cut up pants look.

3.Plain black belt from Macy’s

4.Velvet boot heels from Fashion Nova

5.Sunglasses from my website urbanVogue

6.fishnets * I also purposely ripped up my fishnets up that one

7.Clear & pink hand bag from forever 21


I had a great day/night, me and my boyfriend finally went on a date. Apparently we had to take our daughter lol, which made our date extra funny because she is only 5 years old. It have been about 3 months since we been on a date so the time was definitely needed. We also plan to find a baby sitter that will not flake so we can be able to have some alone time together. We went to the movies at South Bay Amc in Lawndale, CA. The movie that we saw was Black Panther, we were suppose to see Avengers, but when we seen that Black Panther was still out we definitely seen it! I have no idea why Black Panther was still showing because i thought it came out two months ago but hey i can’t complain. The movie was GREAT! I really enjoyed it. Black Panther has definitely been one of the best movies i have ever saw. 



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