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Monday Inspo 🙂

Loving my silk rose pink hoodie dress from forever 21, and floral boots from Swagg Boutique.

I find it such a blessing how it took me until now to find myself. I have had personal issues where i didn’t even smile in my pictures because i didn’t feel pretty enough. I have blogged about my past insecurities a while back if you are interested please go read it :).

I am 100% confident now, i find myself glowing, smiling, and loving myself more and more. Beauty is the truth, and now i know that my beauty speaks it all, I feel amazingly great. My sense of style is unique, my attitude is less bitter and more classy, my goals are succeeding, and my womanhood is improving.

I am growing to be a woman i need to be, not the woman my haters wanted me to be. My circle was big, now my circles are small, the people i thought supported me is the people that were really against me. 

You have to out grow people, move on from the past, and BOSS UP. Show people what you are about, show people your talent that been hidden all this time. I have figured out so much over the past year, it took me time to figure out which way to turn and which way to go. Prayer and faith is my #1 key to believing in myself.

Sometimes it take time to realize that your life isn’t getting no better, some people are comfortable with their feelings within there self or how they are living. I ask my clients all the time, what made you decide to move on from your personal life, wanting to start a business, and finally coming out your shell? I am not trying to be off subject but this all falls into confidence. 

My point is that confidence is the key, if you want to be successful you have to believe in yourself, build your confidence, and move on from your past. I believe in everyone that is reading this, you are going to make it to the top, you just have to know that your future is the ticket to your success and wealth.  

My Four L’s of motivation:

  • LIVE
  • LOVE
  • LEAD

Remember sometimes people can read you from your body language, your smile, your sense of style, and the way you move.

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