Five ways to make money Blogging and quitting your 9to5

So I know for the people that are new bloggers are curious if they can make money blogging. Well the answer is yes you can, actually you can quit your 9-to-5 and make tons of money just from your laptop 💻.

Their is bloggers that make more than $10,000 a month, But remember you have to be consistent when it comes to blogging, especially if you want Blogging to be your monthly source of income.

When it come to being a blogger, be creative, give people a reason to come visit your blogs. More traffic you get more income will start coming in. Today i am going to give you some ideas that just might can change your life.

First off you need to monetize your account before making any kind of income on your blog ☝️💸.

1. Promote an affiliate product

Affiliate sales comprise a large amount of revenue for bloggers. Affiliate marking starts with an online retailer that pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Really simple and easy. Here are a couple affiliate marketing programs.

• Amazon Associates

• Click Bank

• ShareASale

2. Offer coaching services

Coaching is more of a one-on-one service, and yes you can coach online which is more easier and convenient. You have a choice of hosting webinars or you can put together multiple packages you can offer: hourly consulting, weekly advice emails, weekly or daily text messages, calls, and so much more.

3. Write an ebook

Have a story to tell? or do you have anything in mind you can possible write about? Well turn your thoughts into an ebook and sell it on your blog. Build an audience and watch the money start flowing through.

4. Sell merchandise

Add a shop tab to your blog is easy (and free) with a plugin like Shopify, woo-commerce, and do on. You can sell your own products, or you can do something called drop shipping, with drop shipping you can just add a supplier product to your website, change the price, and make money from off the price you added to the products. this can be a great way to make some extra cash from your blog and even can use it for your main source of income if you are getting a lot of traffic.

5. Creat a list of resources

Tell your audience what services you use and/or recommend. Make sure you are straight forward with your audience and send them to the exact place that got you to where you are now. Be detailed.

So those are some ways you can make income being a blogger. It is 100% true that you could be successful just by writing daily. You can be a fashion blogger, lifestyle blogger, food blogger, mommy blogger just from your home or on vacation. If blogging is your passion, and you enjoy it, then why not take it to the next level?

It’s Best being your own boss, making your own money, making your own schedule, and being able to do things you thought you would never be able to do. Sometimes it be the simplest things that can make you wealthy and successful. Strive to be the best, be determined, do your research, believe in yourself. It might not be easy, and you might spend long nights online trying to figure out why things aren’t happening faster, well the best thing to do is be CONSISTENT.

14 thoughts on “Five ways to make money Blogging and quitting your 9to5”

  1. Do you just reach out to affiliates saying that you’re willing to advertise their product on your blog? I’m all new to this so any suggestions would be helpful- thanks!

    1. You can just go on and sign up, or you can google “affiliate programs” and then find one that way, you can pretty much sign up for all of the affiliate programs you want. Just make sure you read the information thoroughly. Click bank is the best one ☝️, and more simple.

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