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My Summer 2018 🙂

My Summer 2018:

The summer is almost near. I definitely can’t wait. This year i plan on doing more fun activities. Like going to water parks. Last year i worked extremely to much that i didn’t even have time to do anything fun. I think that’s the reason why i be so overwhelmed, I don’t take time out to just have fun. That’s why i am working so hard now, and building my way up so i can work from home. Having a job to go to everyday with set hours, is really annoying. As of now, I am still on my work out journey, preparing to get a decent summer body. I know it is totally impossible that i get the summer body i want right now but, i am definitely fighting hard to get it.

What skin products i will use for the summer?

This summer i will be using sunscreen, skin oils, problem skin facial scrubs “only” and vitamins for skin.

What work out plan will i have?

I am going to keep my same work out plan but better. I am looking forward to continuously work my stomach, and butt muscles. Those are my two body parts i will really focused on.

What is my favorite fruit to eat in the summer?

My favorite fruit to eat in the summer is watermelon. I can literally eat a whole watermelon with out getting full. Sadly. I love it though, definitely my favorite. 🍉😩

Do i think it will be a hot summer? ☀️

I definitely think it is going to be hot this summer, but for some odd reason i believe that it is going to really get hot around August or September. Thank god i have a pool at home so i can be able to just jump in the pool on hot days.

What do you want to accomplished before the summer ends? 🙌

Before the end of the summer, I want to accomplished my new project i will be launching in the next couple months. I want it to push through, and praying/hoping for some achievements. 


I will be posting everything I do fun this summer so stay tuned for those blogs 🙂 🏖.

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