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Public Diary: Thursday

Dear Public Diary 📝 ,

I am enjoying my week so far. I finally went out on Tuesday ☺️. I haven’t been out in almost three months so it felt pretty good. I went to taco 🌮 Tuesday, had a couple drinks 🥃, and danced 💃 until I got tired. All I literally do is work at my employment, and work at home, so to finally stepped out it felt good. It was like a big weight lifted off my shoulders. Other than that, I do have good news, I can finally launch my membership business either The end of June or mid July. I am just waiting on my labels and designs to come, and I am ready to start a career that might be a life changer for me. I have been working so hard to be GREAT, to be business savvy, successful, positive, and a leader, I know that everything I work so hard for will be worth it in the long run. I can’t even leave out the fact that my five-year-old daughter scared me, I didn’t know five year olds still get into things, now I know and I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I am extremely sensitive, overprotective, and scared when it comes to my daughter, she is really all I have . Today I ate my usual for lunch, house salad 🥗, with a Jamba Juice 🥤. I really need to find something different for lunch to eat, but I feel that is the healthiest food and beverage places by my job. I have been thinking really heavily about turning into a vegan for a year, and experience the change. I been working out 7 days straight, and I can truly say it feels good to continuously be consistent, the old me would of given up. Day by day I been growing and learning, I have Lost a lot of people “purposely”, some people just wasn’t worth me keeping in my future. I feel like negative people bring me down. I been highly thinking of getting a massage 💆 some where, I have never been to a massage spa before. I just want to spend a day to myself and get pampered. I feel like it will help me relief some of the stress I have from getting overwhelmed. Anyways, I am going to wrap this diary up for the day, hope you enjoyed reading my crazy, boring, and fun week ☺️.

XoXo 💋 -SeqouiaB

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