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Public Diary: Fri-Yay



[Thoughts]: Today is the best day to start a good weekend. Unfortunately my plans is going to be placed at work for the day so i don’t have any. I do get off at 10 pm, so I am able to go out for drinks 🍹. Most part I just stay home in drink my wine 🍷, I am totally fine with that. My daughter is on vacation, so it sucks that I have to be at work 🙄. It’s a beautiful day, me and my princess could’ve been at the beach or something. The terrible part is that her dad has work to. It will be fine, eventually everything will work out. I believe in change and improvement. Having faith is always important. Being positive is a big part of our lifestyle now. We have been through so much as a family that we left it to the past, and building for our future, and the sake of our child.



[Love Life ❤️💕]: I been really thinking about a lot lately. I feel like I need to start back being opened with my relationship. I stopped for a while because it was causing us to many problems, but now I feel like we are a little bit older it’s definitely time to show one another off. We been dating since we were about 19, got a beautiful daughter together, and we are definitely in love like no other. His name is Reggie, he is the most funnest, funniest, loving, outgoing man I always dreamed to have. We have our ups and downs, but we are definitely like the best of friends. I guess since we act so much alike we clash. We also decided to start back going on family dates once a week. We barely spend quality time like that, so i hope everything ends up working how we want it to in the long run. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else, every time i look in his eyes i feel like i’m falling all over again. Since this is a public diary, i definitely will be publicly discussing personal things about my relationship/love life, so don’t judge me, even if it’s bad or good.  





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