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Hello June: Keeping up with Seqouia

•Business Plans/Ideas 👩🏾‍💻

So as you know or if you don’t know, I have been working hard on pursuing to be apart of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. I am still currently working on a project that I feel might change my life “financially”. My first business plan is having my own subscription business. I can’t say exactly what it will be, but once I launch it, it definitely will be on my blog. I know that this business going to cost a lot of money before I even start making money, so I am taking everything in one by one. First I have to get my labels and so much other things to even begin. I am definitely up for this new chapter in my life and to see how I can make this business grow, and myself grow as a woman.

•Dating Life 👫

My dating life is going so good still, of course there is still ups and downs, but what relationship is perfect?

I am happy, he’s happy, and we are just busy right now working on being successful and growing with each other. My boyfriend is at a point in his life where he is ready to start getting into the a entrepreneur life as well. We both are trying to be a power couple in push each other to be better.

I am definitely proud of us, and very excited to see us build from the bottom to the top. Some people said that me and my boyfriend should start doing couple things in front of them camera, or do a few couple blogs so people can see our relationship. We still thinking about it, might be a good idea 💡.

•Mommy duties 👩‍👧

So I know some of my readers know that I have daughter and she is doing terrific. My daughter Ra’Ziya just graduated from preschool and is on her way to kindergarten. I am so happy that she is growing into a little young lady. As of now me and her dad is working hard to get her in acting/modeling, although she do currently run track, but season is over. She been saying lately she want to be s you tuber 😳, which is a shocker because she is only 5. Like how does she know what a you tuber is? Anyways, so we are submitting her pictures around, wish us luck 😊.

•Summer Plans

☀️🏖So far, all I want to do is have fun this summer. I really don’t have any plans written down, but I am looking forward to making a few “To Do” List.

•Travels ✈️

I don’t have any plans on traveling. The reason why is I can’t afford it, if you notice I am very opened and honest about my life, I do not front and not ashamed to admit if I can’t afford something. I do have a ticket booked already for London, which I’ll be arriving there in October. I would love to go somewhere before then. I always dreamed to go somewhere tropical, like the Bahamas, Cancun, Jamaica, just somewhere with a nice view and clean clear blue ocean. I work hard everyday and strive so I can be able to afford to travel and other things like that.

•Fitness Life 💪🏃‍♀️

I still have been going hard with my work out, I been working out 7 days a week. Far as my meal prep, I feel like I need to eat better. Not saying I eat bad, but I don’t eat so great neither. Their is somethings I eat I need to take off my “not to eat list”. I have also been thinking about going vegan 🌱 for a month, just to see if I will feel the difference and if I can handle being a vegan. If anyone have any tips on vegan diets or how it makes them feel please comment or email me 😊. Other then that I haven’t got on a weigh scale yet, remember the last time I Blogger about my update I was at 200, I can see the difference in my body, but I still want to wait until the end of the month for results on my weight.

Well I am wrapping up on this blog! I decided not to do a diary tonight but I will for sure do one tomorrow.

XoXo -Seqouia B the Blogger 👄

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