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Who is Seqouiab?


Who is Seqouia B?

S E Q O U I A: Well, I was Born in raise in Lawndale, California. I am currently working as a security guard/receptionist. Besides that, I blog, do promos, and online coaching for my side hustle, eventually i plan on being self employed.

I truly enjoy making good content that inspires people, that changes people’s mindset or at least gives them a lift to change. 

I love music and dancing as well, so i do enjoy going out to bars, clubs, and wherever there is music at. I love shopping, experiencing different foods, and playing video games unfortunately lol. I also enjoy having a glass of wine and watching Netflix on my days off. My next big move is being able to travel around the world. I always wanted to travel.

And how can I forget, I love talking to different people, It opens up the mind, you learn how people do things differently and it’s just really good for your growth.

I think the very core of Seqouia Battle is to make a difference whether it’s directly in someone’s life, or a community of people that look up to me. I know that feeling of inspiring someone and seeing changes in their life because yours impacted  theirs. That makes me extremely happy. I take the things i been through to push me to help prevent others from going down that path and if they do, they can overcome every obstacle that’s coming there way.


Seqouia: Honest, Self-Sufficient, Communicative, Bold


SEQOUIA:  If I’m completely honest lol, I’m not where I really want to be at this moment in my life. Only time will tell, so i keep myself busy. I have definitely accomplished good things in my life so far.

But it’s kind of crazy because I think my biggest accomplishment will be that I love myself more because there are lots of people in this world who don’t love themselves or other people. I feel we live in a society that have impassioned and pessimistic people.

and with social media where everything seems to be so fake and money hungry, with people always trying to be competitive with one another, they forget to love their self. I honestly feel that self love should be everyone accomplishment, but i can’t speak for others. I am still happy with myself and extremely proud of my journey so far, and i will continue to work on myself first, once i accomplish that, then i will move on to other things.


I can’t really say why i had a bad temper growing up. I can’t say “because i was insecure”, because growing up i wasn’t. I actually started developing insecurities from weight gain, and not liking what i see in the mirror anymore as an adult. I just was very hot headed, spoiled, and very combative. I did have one issue now that i remember. I had a dysfunctional family. Literally my family use to fight and argue right in front of me, so that kind of play the role of my temperament problems. 

“Trust the process. Be okay with feeling that things aren’t going right, because your luck will come, a change will come, stay focused. Build your self-confidence and choose you first”. -SeqouiaB


SEQOUIA: The person who inspires me is myself, honestly. Not to sound super arrogant, but i am inspire my own self. Seeing the things i do for others, or the strong words i give to people, inspires me to keep pushing through.

What do you love most about being in your late 20’s?

I love the growth, experiences, emotions, and changes. Like it is so amazingly great. Especially growing with a child. The things i have learned, and the things i have been through are just so surprising when i first look back when i turned 20 years old. I am now 27, and man i can tell you it has been a long journey. I also love the fact that i think way differently, and i am more wiser. Being in your 20’s is about finding yourself, figuring out your lifestyle goals, understanding who you are becoming and accepting it. Being in your 20’s you are building your foundation and finding your future, i mean it might change when you grow older, but you are preparing yourself most definitely.


                           XoXo -Seqouia B The Blogger

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