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Trust Issues

How do you feel about trust issues?

My honest opinion on trust issues, is that most people have trust problems from there past. It can be because of a bad break up? Family issues, or anything that triggered that person to have those trusting problems.

Do you currently have trust issues?

My honest answer to this question is yes. I have suffered from trusting people for a very long time. It was a point in my life where I barely trusted myself. I knew when I didn’t trust myself it was going to be difficult trying to trust anyone.

How about in a relationship? Do you have trust issues?

In my relationship I do have trust issues. Sometimes it’s still hard for me to get over the past. Although I know for an fact that my relationship is going good and my significant other haven’t gave me no signs of anything odd or negative, I still have the same problem.

Is trust issues by choice or something that just happens?

I feel that trust issues can be both. There is people out there that definitely have no trust what so ever, and then there is people out there that have there trust in you 100%.

-XoXo Seqouia B 💋💕

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