I had an epiphany


I just had an epiphany. Sometimes i feel like i am going towards the right direction, but some how, I start slacking. I realized a lot today. I know that i am at a point in life where i need to keep striving and not letting go. Starting your own business, trying to make blogging a full time career, and or just striving to live that entrepreneurial lifestyle, isn’t so easy. It’s definitely difficult.

The best i can do is keep my head up, stay positive, and keep good spirits around me. I know that i need to keep pushing towards my goals and not give up, because giving up on my future is giving up on myself. My #1 worst fear as of now, is losing everything i’m working so hard for.

It’s crazy because when you go through so much, you realize how strong you are, you automatically push yourself to never give up. I know that a lot of people grown up different or grown up the same, but everybody had challenges in life, even if you are the riches person on earth. You have to start from somewhere, and sometimes you might have to work extra harder to keep that strength.

Also, today i realized that a lot of people aren’t good for me, not saying that i am perfect, but i do know if i want to make a big transition in my life, certain people aren’t worth me being around. I realized that i am surrounded around so much negative then positive, and for me to change to be more on the positive side, I have to let go.

I want to prosper in life, I want to develop a new soul, mind, body, personality, and also find the better inner me. Everyone has a good side, sometimes the bad side outweigh the good, so it’s hard to tell if you, me, or anyone really is a nice human being.

You can sound, look, or act so pleasant and sweet, but deep down be a cold heart individual. Not saying i am, but i’m just getting to the point that a lot of others fake happy, and sometimes its purposely sometimes people actually don’t try to, just depending on what they are going through in life.

I am destined to be great, i refuse to be any less. I learned that prayer works, but prayer works on positive minds. I try to pray as much as i can remember, and for prayers to work, i had to believe. Once i started believing in the real, i definitely felt the difference in me. My main point i am getting to, is to believe in yourself, believe what is right, do what is right, and always know that you can be whatever you want just keep the negative vibes from around you.




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  1. Ooooo this is powerful!! 👏🏾❤️ The key to getting through this thing we call life is strictly through PRAYER, FAITH, BELIEF, Positivity & Continuously reminding yourself why you doing what you do and to never give up!

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