The reason why I don’t wear make up

So a lot of people always think I wear make up when my skin is fresh and glossy. As I said in one of my blogs I break out with light spots and dark spots sometimes. It all just depends. Sometimes the weather, sometimes because I touched something then touched my face, it’s all different kind of ways my skin can have a reaction to it. When I wear make up, my skin literally gets red, and start breaking up.

Don’t get me wrong I have always been a natural woman anyways but I’m around a lot of people that wears make up, and they always looks so flawless. On the safe side I do prefer nice clear skin that’s glossy, and sometimes make up is not always needed to have that glow look. This year I have really been working on a better skin care routine and taking better care of my face. Your appearance is always important.

Don’t take this blog into offense, I have nothing against make up, like I said I absolutely think it’s gorgeous, but I prefer to show my own natural skin. I feel like natural beauty is definitely the best. Now would I sell make up? Definitely Yes, would I start my own cosmetic line, Yes, I mean at the end of the day I am a woman so I know what other women like.

Lately I’ve been thinking about Getting a facial, but we all know beauty can be expensive, and I’m not in the right position to be able to afford them type of things LOL. But don’t get me wrong that time will come soon when I’m able to afford things I need or want. Until then I will stick to my Rosewater, Cucumber water, and facial cleanse for now 😊.

I had a lot 8 extra bottles of rose Water and Cucumber Water, so I thought to be nice and sale both of them for a low price and someone was lucky enough to get it 😊. This is what I use that keeps my face really fresh and soothing.


I have other facial care products I actually enjoy using to. I am highly thinking about making an video of my routine before I go to bed, showing how u do my night facial cleanse.


Anyways let me wrap up this BLOG 👩🏾‍💻.

XoXo -SeqouiaB 💋



7 thoughts on “The reason why I don’t wear make up”

  1. I recently had a terrible episode with my face. It’s like it was drying and peeling off. I got Boots glycerin and rosewater and the result has been amazing. Rosewater is Bae😘

    1. Yes my face was peeling as well it was horrible, never again 😫. Oh yes! Rose Water is definitely babe, and it definitely makes your face feels refreshing 😍. I never heard of Boots glycerin but I’m going to look that up.

      1. Ohhh okay, I am learning something new lol. I’m going to look into that, I probably read it on the bottle but never paid it no mind.

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