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Starting a Vegan diet?

So I totally been thinking about going on a Vegan 🌱 diet for a long time now. I finally met someone face-to-face which was my lyft driver that is vegan “super beautiful, and super knowledgeable”. She gave me all types of tips, ideas 💡, and motivation to go on a vegan diet. I am So interested in learning and getting information on what we put in our bodies and how can it affect us. So before I start or “try” to start “LOL”, I’m going to watch the videos, google some more tips, and also order a vegan book 📖 .

Also she gave me a couple list of documentaries that can also help. I am definitely not confident about this because it’s a big change, but I want to start over I want to refresh my body, I want to feel good, look good and live for a long time. The hard part I have to stay consistent, I always know that consistency is the key, but you have to start from somewhere right?…

This vegan diet will not be to refresh my body it’s always to lose weight, and feel better within myself. I didn’t take my health importantly like I should’ve, but things change. I feel like it’s my time to start caring for myself more, and loving my body, mind, and soul, “the healthy way”. It is so hard now days to tell people your ideas because they will misjudge you and motivate you to not change your diet, and to continuously eat bad, because it’s so so hard. Those are the people I need to stay away from, because they will make things more complicated for me. I am passionate about changing my health, and bettering myself.

So starting next week, I want to do a cleanse first. After my cleanse, I want to start on this whole vegan diet thing. I feel like I need to detox all the bad toxins in my body, all the bad that don’t need to be there and start off fresh 😊. I am so happy and praying that I proceed 😊. If anyone else is a vegan or have any tips please drop it down in the comments or email me, click the contact tab, I will love some feed back or some ideas ✅.

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