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Relationship Troubles: Complications, Depression, Stress, Anxiety

So i know i am not super old, and i am not super young but i been through different experiences, or been around others experiences far as relationship wise. Relationships is a title that a lot of us love to have or a lot of us cant keep. I feel that relationships can be the best, and of course a key to happiness, but growing up i realize that relationships can turn into somethings that just isn’t good for our mind, body, and soul. 

List of 5 problems that affect your relationship:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Complications
  • Self Esteem

It may seem hard to believe but it is definitely true. Your relationship is based off these facts in this list, because you allow whomever to do whatever they have done to you in your past or present. We have to be aware when we are mentally bruised, used, and destroyed. When you lie to yourself in know deep down that you are making things up to cover up the love you have for someone, then just maybe it’s hard to just keep it all in at once.

When you start to blame yourself, know that yourself esteem is slowly disappearing because you are losing the love you have for yourself. You have to be your #1 everything. Once you gave that person every right to do whatever they want and you always take them back super easily, now they know they can do whatever to you, and treat you any kind of way. Before anything, anybody, any relationship make sure you love yourself first before anything.

Losing yourself, hating your self, and always sad, can turn into INSECURITIES.   Having insecurities can be the worst, you will began to not love how you look when you met your partner, some people even start to let their self go. COMPLICATIONS   starts to occur, right along with fighting and arguing. Which is the worst STRESS  to ever have. Consistently arguing turns into unhappiness.

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After awhile, anxiety and depression begins to play a big part of a broken relationship. It sounds crazy how you can be diagnosed with a mental health disorder from a toxic relationship .  Precisely it’s the truth, and it’s a 100% fact that some people are in denial when it comes to their relationship.

All in all, it’s okay to go through different changes but it’s not okay to continuously let your heart go through pain back to back. We are human so we are going to go through different chapters in our life, something like a story. We are all walking stories. Not all stories have to be good not all have to be bad. Some people love living a LIE, and some love living the TRUTH, but being more Authentic is the best way to go, and to know you are not alone. It’s plenty of us humans scattered around the universe.



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