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Finding happiness

Find what makes you happy, that’s the best part of life. Your happiness is what matters the most. You have to find yourself, figure out what makes you more happy, and what keeps you smiling, and lastly what do you love the most in life. It is common to feel up and down, but always make sure your happiness balance out anything negative in your life.

Sometimes finding a good activity can help you keep a good spirit. These are the activities i do to keep me feeling good and having time to myself to think. Maybe these ideas can help :).

  • Yoga
  • Meditating
  • Gym
  • Cafe Shops
  • Beach
  • Small Vacation
  • Vent
  • Therapy 
  • Solo Movie Date
  • Drink Wine “Alone”

We are all human, but i’m sure everyone has a story, or pain they have been through, and it’s not easy to just wake up happy all the time, but working on your happiness is always the best growth. Don’t use your past as a runaway, excuse, or a reason to not be able to move on in life.

We all shall use our past as a stepping stone toward our new lifestyles. Don’t overlook things because anything is possible. Be confident in your happiness, appreciate whom you are, and never think twice about trying new things that you never thought you would do til this day now.

          -Seqouia B

2 responses to “Finding happiness”

  1. Lauren Macdonald Avatar
    Lauren Macdonald

    I love this post! Seqouia B,
    Our past as a stepping stone to our future! We can’t get there any other way so why not use it as a springboard! We learned so much in and from our past, just because we now want to go in a new direction doesn’t mean it isn’t under us or behind us. Denying our past means we have to stop and take the time to hide it or build a wall around it. I really like the idea of using it as a stepping stone.
    Thanks have a happy day.
    Lots of love, L

    1. Omg I wish I can like this comment 1000x! But yes you are so right! I totally agree and glad you also like my post! Have a happy day as well ❤️

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