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Five things about me that i would like to change before 2019:

  • Appearance: Yes, i would like to change my appearance. I would like to wear heels, business attire, and carry hand bags more. I honestly feel if i want to be a boss babe i have to start dressing like a boss babe. Also, i need to pamper myself more, keeping my nails, feet, and face well groomed.
  • Mental Heath: Start taking my mental health more serious. If you read my blogs you know that i have anxiety and depression disorder. I got better with coping with it, but at times i still get overwhelmed and still tend to get depressed. I have to keep finding happiness, and figuring out what will balance my life out. Happiness is my  main target i am trying to reach. It’s important. 
  • Savings: I have a terrible spending habit, I would like to start being organize when it comes to money. I need to save up and stop over spending when i know it’s not good to. Every week i need to at least put money to the side and save.
  • Mother/daughter time: I need to start spending more fun time with my daughter. Now it’s like i work, she go to school, i help her with homework, and then we off to bed. I would like to do more fun activities and take her more places or places she still haven’t been. A mothers bond with there daughter is always important.
  • Travel: I been saying that I was going to travel more but I still haven’t because unfortunately I really don’t have the income to. This time I’m going to make it my #1 priority to save money, and to start traveling. I feel like I deserve it and I am definitely in need of traveling around the world. It is so many things that I know I’ll be amazed to see.


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