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Hey to all my beautiful and handsome people!

It’s almost winter! I mean who doesn’t love the coldest time of the year? Falling leaves, hot co co, and hallmark Christmas movies lol. Winter has the best weather it’s amazing and it’s simply good vibes everywhere. I felt the need to touch on the importance of self-care in this post tonight

Now, self-care is beyond important. We live in a very curious world, where google and social media, is pretty much our besties. Well guess what, it’s important that we take time to detox and check up on ourselves.

So, while you are probably off getting prepared to travel, go back to work or on vacation, here are some of the ways you can prioritize your self-care this holiday.


What is your favorite activity or place to be winter time. I’m asking because my point is that winter is a mellow season, and i feel that you should continually do whatever your doing to keep you leveled and happy. Your peace is what matters. I’m sure a lot of entrepreneurs and college students had a hassle or stressful summer. Now, this might be adding on a little extras or from my past experiences but the whole point of peace is to take time to rest, to take time to find yourself, to check up on you and how you’ve been doing the past few months or weeks, your feelings, emotions. 

Finding peace is an opportunity for you to sit and look back. It’s a time to be grateful for how far you’ve come and all you’ve had to overcome. It will allow you to gain a new perspective on life. 

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We don’t realize the STRESS SOCIAL MEDIA has on us until we take a break from it. It can be draining constantly on your screen watching everyone else lives but yours. So taking a small break won’t hurt, actually it won’t hurt at all. You will be able to start over and focus on your priorities better.



Finding a new activity might just be fun. Sometimes, repeating a normal activity can really get boring and played out. As humans we have to keep moving, why not? the world moves 7 days a week and 24 hours, so we have to move around to. One of the best activities to do is to start traveling, either taking a cruise, flying out or just taking a solo shopping trip around out the city. Do you go to the spa? do you like fancy hotel rooms with a hot tub+room service?. Have you been ice skating or went camping before?

Those are certain activities you might just can consider. A whole part of self-care is doing what makes you happy, doing what makes you feel good inside,  giving you a good chance to take a break from the daily grind, it’s time to be back up and running like a vehicle.


So, prioritize your metal health and self care, it’s your time, it’s about you right now. Relieve that stress so when it’s time to get back to the hustle you will be more than just ready!

I hope my few tips will help you proceed with self-care, and just really have a great time refreshing the mind and body. I am 100% into motivating, inspiring, and empowering everyone+myself to achieve their goals and become the BEST version of themselves. 

                   xOXo-SeqouiaB aka Brown Sugar

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