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Discussing on what i love most about myself, self love, and how did i overcome my past

Now that i am much better with confidence, and having self love, i love my ambition. I am more confident with who i am, and i am determined to be successful. It feels good to have the strength to get up off my ASS!, and strive hard for my future. 

I love that i can take failure, I had an bad issue with being a Debbie downer when i fail. I had no faith, no self-control, and also no ambition. Believing in myself wasn’t even fit into my lifestyle, because i didn’t. I failed at so much i didn’t think i even had the ability to succeed, or achieve any goals in life. ☀


“I am my own medicine. I healed myself, and by the grace of god i am not mentally sick anymore.”

I felt as if the world was over looking me, but in reality I was the one who was! I didn’t see what the man above saw in me, he seen a lot, that’s why i am here writing this feeling strong as ever. I can tell the world what i love about me 1000x, and feel no way about anyone passing judgement. It was sleepless nights when i use to cry, and couldn’t get any sleep because i was so embarrassed within myself.


The thought of smiling again, and being able to smile without thinking negatively feels so good, I get butterflies every time i see my reflection. I didn’t have the best life but best believe i am making the best out of it now. My self love journey started in 2015, but got better in 2018. It wasn’t the easiest but i did it! That’s why my goal is to inspire women, men, kids, whomever to love who they are, and never think less of themselves. It’s not worth the pain, its not worth the headache, it’s not worth the sleepless nights, and the suicidal thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to be the person you really don’t want to be. Be a leader and act on it. Your life is your future. Remember that.

 S E Q O U I A  B A T T L E 

2 responses to “Discussing on what i love most about myself, self love, and how did i overcome my past”

  1. I love that you’re thinking the right thoughts about yourself now, positive thoughts! It matters what we think about ourselves, because what we think, we manifest. I’m so proud of you and happy for you! This post made me choke up because I could hear how hard the journey has been but also how you have found joy in loving yourself! That is so awesome! Keep going on that journey, because you ARE beautiful and you are love and light! There’s Just One You (JOY) and we need you!

    1. Omg thank you so much, this means so much to me and brings a big smile to my face this morning, especially to wake up to a positive and inspiring comment. Thanks for understanding me, I am appreciate it so much 💯😊.

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