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How to overcome your laziness?

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Tip#1 Find the reason:

Being lazy doesn’t necessary have to be intentional. It can be lack of sleep, no energy, bad health, stress, and so much more. Your body needs rest, a lot of rest. For some of us sometimes we feel that resting isn’t an option, but it really is. Make time to rest your body/mind. All those late nights and all nighters you are pulling can possibly affect your productivity and your motivation to do things. 

Hey, but to figure out what’s stressing you, you need to find out what it is right? Is it a new job you about to start? Or family drama? Or is it finance issues that’s not going right? Find the root and begin to fight this lazy stage you are going through step by step.


Tip#2 Shorten your bigger routine to a smaller routine:

Focusing on achieving your goals is very important, trust i understand. I suffer everyday from stress from over working myself and making sure i reach certain goals everyday of the week. Goals can be overwhelming, but at the same time having goals is to motivate you to get up and go for whatever it is to get you to where you want to be. The best way i can advise you to make situations a little more simple like i did, is to write down the main issue. For an example, “Monday” Sign up for gym, go to book store to purchase a healthy eating recipe book. Get those big goals down and you will have less of a headache because you will realize you are motivated when you can write things down and do things step by step.


Tip #3 Inspirational Surroundings:

Surround yourself around people who have a higher ambition then you. Seeing someone you care about consistently striving for what they want, never negative, always supporting you, continuously get things done, is the people you need to surround yourself around. On the other hand being around someone who has a much less ambition than you, can really slow you down and rub off on you. I say this because i have been in these situations and it helped me by being with people who are on their SHIT! I absolutely adore a hardworking boss babe or Boss fella that knows that success is extremely important. Also, there is other ways to get motivated. Watching youtube channel, listening to motivational podcast, or even reading motivational books. You have a clear image of the lifestyle you want to live, you just have to achieve it.


Tip #4 Time Schedule: 

Put your self on a time schedule. Time is important and you don’t want to waste it. Timing is one of the main reasons why we all make mistakes, or always slip up when it comes to not getting things done. When are you more productive? Are you a A.M. person? or are you a P.M. person? Like me, i am more of a night person, and i also suffer from insomnia so i do a lot of things later in the night. Like most of my blogs are published at night, sometimes in the morning if i am in the timing mood to write my blogs. I respond to my emails through out the day, but mainly i get back to my emails at the end of the day which is at night time. Also, I have a kid so i feel like at night i’m at ease and i get more mommy time to take care of my business without getting disturbed. To kill off extra time, i watch different Netflix series, go for coffee, and play video games. Find what might works for you. I did.


Tip #5 Self discipline:

Self discipline is important. Your future is important. Your goals is important. So with that being said, you have to force yourself to get up and handle your business. Put yourself on a strict DO IT LIST. You can’t start building yourself and then give up, that’s not going to work. A lot of people look for others to push them, but who can push you harder than yourself? No one. Everyone is naturally lazy beings in our own way, but in order to attain success and achieve our goals, we have to fight for that, without fighting for it we will lose. You have to be on discipline mode when working, know when it’s time to get toasted and party with friends and know when it’s time to get to work. 

You don’t want to look back and see it was wasted by doing less of nothing, and not have a degree, your own business, or traveling the world like you want or just settled for a life you didn’t intend to live at all. Know your worth, know your priorities, know whats best for you and keep that in mind everyday.

If you found these tips helpful, or want to discuss more about this post always feel free to comment, contact me on my social media or via email :). I love to grow with my readers or communicate with people whom can relate. I believe in you all and I want to see my audience achieve the very best and be successful at whatever they are striving for.


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