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Why do we suffer from self-love?

Happy BlogTober my loves, I am back with another blog on self love. Which is and always will be one of my favorite topics :).

The best part of my life so far is learning how to love myself and be more accepting. Some people like me don’t realize that i didn’t have self love until i start realizing the way i react, the negativity, the disrespect, and the way how i go head over hills for other people besides myself. At times i felt not worthy, i felt like i was going to just shut down and give up on everything. The pain i endured, the pain i suffered from, was the most horrific time in my life. I would look in the mirror and see different from others. It’s totally normal to go through this stage. A lot of people suffer from not having self love/depression because their past, relationship, weight gain/loss, family issues, etc. I have two known facts explaining in detail why we suffer from self love issues.


                                               Let me start with.….


Relationships are so lovely, but then again relationships can be so depressing. Things can go so good and i mean good, then boom you turn around and feelings don’t be mutual any more. Wait, let me fix that, your feelings are there, but your significant other feelings isn’t, and it shows. Most of time it’s majority of women that suffer from this issue. As women we do love hard, and when we tend to feel that the person we are in love with don’t show the same love anymore we start to blame ourselves for a lot of different reasons. We start to question ourselves and doubt who we are now. The insecurities start to flow in, depression turns into anxiety, and now you start doing everything in your might to keep the person that you love, you end up forgetting to do things for yourself, you began to love them more than you love you, and thats when you start seeing that you don’t have self love anymore. 


Weight gain/loss:

Weight issues play a big part of self love. When you gain a certain amount of weight that you never expected and it’s hard to get rid of that weight, your whole confidence shuts down. You don’t feel the same, look the same, and don’t even move the same anymore. You began to call yourself fat and all type of other names. You start to not feel sexually active anymore because the thought of looking at your body compared to how your old body looked, can apparently be terrifying. When you lose weight, it’s the same feelings it’s just that now you see that you are way too skinny compared to your normal size. Transitioning to having confidence vs losing confidence is a big change. Not only will people notice the difference of who you now became, you will to. 


               Don’t never feel ashamed of any problems you go through. Sometimes we get put through the toughest times just to change our lives around. Everything happens for a reason. Although we might not act on our problems right away, eventually we will. Everyone has there own time to change, there own time to move on to better. When you are ready to reevaluate yourself and be the better version of yourself you will. The thing is we have to start believing in who we aren’t and who we are, and look at our past as a lesson learned. 


  If you are reading this, i definitely will love to tell you that you are amazingly handsome/beautiful. You are smart, you are talented, you are a winner. Never lose your courage no matter how many steps back you took. Life itself is going to always be a challenge, but it’s up to you to accept failure, brush it off, and not give up. Change is good, even if you have to dismiss certain energy out your life. Your health, and loving yourself first need and always should come first. 

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