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How to become a morning person



Hey my loves, so i thought i should share some tips to help you become a morning person. I definitely had problems battling to be a morning person but things changed. So writing this post was definitely right up my alley. Most of us are forced to become morning people either with a am work shift, school, morning meetings or events. We are basically contrived to wake up early and get things done. That’s why i am going to share this article with others out there like me who or still struggle with waking up early and getting stuff done.


                                                 Let’s jump right into it!!!!





 Use a smart, loud, or crazy alarm:

So you know how they have different kind of alarms, right? Okay, so i am talking about the kind of alarms that make super annoying noises, or music that you can’t stand to listen to. I can truly admit I HATE ALARMS! 

I had a bad habit hitting the snooze button so i can go back to sleep for a few minutes without reentering a deep sleep cycle. I was always and still is the type of person who use myself as my own personal body clock. The only problem is my body usually wakes up @ 8:30 or a little over every morning, and i love it because i don’t be as tired when i have to depend on a alarm clock to wake me up.

If you are someone who is an extremely deep sleeper, then definitely set your alarm 20 mins or an hour earlier than your usual wake up time. I say this because most deep sleepers are the hardest to wake up all the way and always end up being cranky.







Go to sleep more early:

I know that some of you like me suffer from insomnia. Instead of taking medication and ruining our bodies there is other ways to help you sleep more early you just have to figure it out. Our bodies get tired regardless but some of us just haven’t really figured out exactly what can trigger that. Exercising can definitely help, sometimes one glass of wine, or just turn off all the lights and get under your cover. Let go of technology while trying to go to sleep because using our phones or laptops can definitely increase our habits of staying up late. I can admit i am a tech savvy queen, i can be on my phone literally all night long. Any kind of distractions that get to you before you go to sleep, LET IT GO! I am not saying go to sleep at 7 pm, but definitely find a suitable time to get some really good rest so you will not be tired in the am. I do suggest you start going to sleep 1 hour early than usual, for an example; if you go to sleep at 11 pm, push it to 10. You can work your way from there, don’t force your self to much because then you will start putting your body under stress. It’s a process becoming a morning person.







Coffee! Coffee! Coffee Schedule:

This is for those who actually drinks coffee, and it wouldn’t matter what time of the day because you damn sure love coffee. So, when i say a coffee schedule i mean when you work on your sleeping schedule and morning routine, make it a priority that you make your coffee early am before you start your day. Eventually your body gets the habit of wanting and craving coffee for morning time. Now when i wake up, the first thing i think about is my coffee so then i can wake up all the way in get my energy up and running.







Avoid naps:

This is funny because in the past i use to have an urge to take a nap, no seriously i felt that it was a priority to take a nap. If you realize naps are one of the #1 reasons why you are up so late and can’t sleep. Try to prevent that. I understand you love sleep, and best believe i do to. Napping can mess your natural stimulus for actual sleeping. Fight the urge of taking a nap, i promise it will be worth it. I had to finally get over it unless it’s your day off, then you of course can get the rest you need just don’t get over due it. Sometimes change of seasons increase naps like Winter time, Winter has always been a season that will make you sleepy anytime of the day, because we tend to bundle up in our comfy covers and we dose off to sleep.



                   ” A successful morning, keeps a stress free day “



I truly hope that these tips helped you build or plan a successful morning routine for those who suffer from becoming a morning person. Like i was initiating earlier i also had this issue as well and these tips have been helpful while i am moving towards my path of my future i am now building.


  I love getting  feedback on my blogs, so if you suffered from becoming a morning person or just have a few tips or ideas, feel free to comment or hit the contact button and email me :). Also feel free to check out my “how to overcome your laziness” blog Click here



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