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My feelings on support, growth, and happiness

Hello my loves,

growing up i realize that not everyone can be trusted, and not everyone will have your back. Support those who support you, but when you have a kind heart sometimes it’s hard to go by what you say you aren’t going to do. I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to forgiving those who hurt me or just put me in any kind of pressure. For some odd reason i give in very easily. As i am maturing, growing, and going through life changes day by day, now i don’t really tolerate negativity as much as i did in the past.


I have lost some people, and i have gave up on things that aren’t going to help me move forward in life. I have always been the type of woman who sits in just think for numerous hours, i actually have self talks. I can tell by the way i think now and the way i even move is different. Although it’s times i can possibly step out of character and maybe fall off, i always tend to get myself back up. Mostly when i do fall off it’s because of my issues dealing with depression. I can be happy for 4 months straight, then i can be depressed for a whole entire month. Why? i still can’t explain. I just know i have an up and down relationship with myself. 

Right now, I am more focused on my happiness and think less about making others happy. Like i always say in my previous blogs, self love is very important. You have to put yourself first at any given time. We tend to forget about our own happiness because we focus on other people opinions to much. What i love about myself is that i am a firm believer. No matter if i am stressed or depressed i never give up on trying to make myself happy. I will never stop growing no matter how many times i fail or fall off. 

Although i might have a weak side, don’t we all? but i still have a very strong side as well. I fight for happiness and i fight hard. I always try to give advice to other people who go through the same similar issues as me, and I love giving them my support. You never know whom out there that might not be as strong as you, that needs support, that needs a ear, that needs some kind of love. So it’s okay to be there for others even if you have issues you deal with on a daily.


The main meaning of this blog is to support those who support you. Don’t give up on trying to make yourself happy. Continue to keep growing and striving to be a better version of yourself. Try to be a hand/ear for others that are going through problems just like you and just need some one to talk to, I say that because you might not know who help you maybe in the near future. Please check out my previous blogs :). Stay tuned for my next blog.

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                                                             XOXO -SEQOUIAB 

           Hope you enjoyed this blog, and also hope it was meaningful to you all.


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