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Many ways to monetize your blog and work from home

Hello everyone! I did make a post similar to this but i am making another one for my new readers. Just really quick and simple. I know most bloggers, well new bloggers are trying to figure out how they can quit their job and work from home to blog. Well you can. Better yet their are a few ways you can monetize your blog. Here is a few tips.

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  • Offering services

Yes! you can offer services. For an example. Consultations, coaching, write a book, write a guide, host a online class, and much more

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  • Create your own products

Yesssss! you can definitely create your own products. For an example you can start your own skin care line, or sell t shirts, it’s so many ideas and different products you can actually create and sell. Be creative. Be spontaneous. You have a gift you just haven’t found it yet.

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  • Sponsored Post

You can do sponsors, which is very popular now in our society. To get sponsored here is the list of things you need to do first to even get noticed

  2. Be serious about your platform
  3. Stay on point with your content
  4. Post daily
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  • ADS

Ads can really help you make money, but it’s levels to it. You have to have a large audience. The larger your audience is the more revenue you make off ads. You have to stay active on social media, and wherever else you promote your blogs at. Try to give your audience a reason why they should give your blog a visit :). 

2019 is the year to really get things going. Make that a priority for yourself. If you want to really be that BOSS working from home, and traveling the world, you definitely need to just go for it. Scared money, don’t make money, remember that! You have the blog up and running, now it’s time to make money while you sleep or doing whatever you want to do. Every time you are trying to pursue a goal it will be challenges that will test you, and also make you discourage. So be strong, be business minded, and never give up.

I wish you all nothing but the best. I am still growing everyday myself. Like i announced in the other blog post, whatever i learn and i succeed in, i definitely like to post it on my blogs for all my current and new readers :).

                  Well i am wrapping up this blog my loves. If you need anything or have any questions feel free to message me anytime. I always respond within 24 hours. Hit me up on social media i might respond a little much quicker because i am active most of the time. Please go check out my other post, and i will be back with another blog soon!

                                            XOXO -SEQOUIAB


4 responses to “Many ways to monetize your blog and work from home”

  1. Very interesting article. I’ll follow these steps when I want to start blogging

    1. Thank you very much ❤️. And awesome, if you anymore questions far as starting a blog you can contact me :).

  2. Step 1: Quit Job. Check.

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