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New Year Resolutions 2019

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2019 is literally around the corner you guys, this is the best time to plan out your new upcoming year. Lets set goals. This blog is to give all my readers tips and ideas on how to make a convenient/proper resolution list. Also to motivate my readers on how it’s important to write out all goals and how helpful it can be. I feel it’s always good to write out everything you want to change or make better. Here is a few things on my list for 2019 below. ⇓

                        [2019 New Year Resolution List]⇐

             Health & Fitness:

  • Work out 7 days a week for 1 hr and 30 minutes
  • Weight loss goals:  Currently 199  and want to drop down to 175 by summer 2019 
  • Change bad eating habits, drink more water and less acidic drinks.             


  • Go to a community college to major in “Journalism”. Majority of my life writing has always been my go to, whenever i felt down and needed to vent i would always grab my pen and just write. Since i am a blogger, i decided to take it to the next level and major into journalism. It took me so long because at a point of time in my life i was lost/confused and didn’t believe in myself at all.

               Self Care:

  •  Self care: Work on loving myself, taking care of myself, and focusing on my own happiness first. 2018 i just started my self love journey. I had a tough time finding who i really am, and i also didn’t know my worth. I always tend to put a lot of people happiness before mines. I suffered from depression a lot in 2018 and i definitely do not want to go back down that path.


  • Save, Save, Save. I have a huge problem with saving and getting myself in mad debt. So i started a finance organizer that i will start using 2019. I separated rent, bills, gas, groceries, and extra savings. I labeled each of my priorities and i will be adding money to it to help me keep up and be able to pay everything on time.

It is important to write out a list of goals for the New year. We should always want more, or want better. When i see people always talking negative how they don’t need to change or don’t want better i definitely block them out my life #NoNegativity. We can’t block out our blessings, we should always want better for ourselves.

Every new year should always be some kind of change. Even if it’s a small change. If you focus on your list of goals then i promise you that your New Year will be worth all your hard work and dedication. Stay focused and make sure you make 2019 your BITCH, yes i said it, your “BITCH”! It’s your time, your year, and about you! remember that. 

What is your 2019 resolution? Leave it in the comments or email it to me 🙂 I will love to see your goals as well!

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