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The Art Of Being You: How to always be authentic




Keep your sense of humor at all times, but always give someone something to wonder about. The past you need to seek the happy, and exciting things you have now. Try different things, figure out what different adventures you want to explore. A lot of us given up on the sense of direction, and stuck into todays society. Life will always remind us consistently, about places we never visit, goals we haven’t accomplished, or things we have not yet discovered. Sometimes life tend to make us feel uninspired and lost. The only person who can make it better in your life, is you!





Mind exercises is one easy way that helps me relax and just enjoy the moment of silence. Get some quiet time for about 15-20 minutes a day. Train yourself to just take time out and put everything down and just sit down. Meditation is definitely a good choice, you can download meditation apps from your app store or watch youtube for meditation videos. Meditation helps bring calmness and peace into your life. It can help prevent stress, depression, and anxiety.





A diary is a way you can express yourself in writing. Also a secret book you keep to yourself, and just write out your inner thoughts. By far writing in a diary is one of my #1 ways to connect with myself. A diary will help you see things out for yourself more clearly, and help you look at things from another angle.

Ask yourself some questions

For an example:

  • What is stopping me from succeeding?
  • What are my goals?
  • What am i afraid of?
  • What can i do to continue being my authentic self?


When we begin to lose our minds on who we really are, we give others more credit and the attention we should be giving ourselves. We at times forget what we really want and what we really need. Have self talks and find yourself again, find out what is your wants, needs, and whatever else that is important for your mental health. A diary can help you with all that. Trust me, writing is not just an art, it can also be a relief to your lifestyle.





Have there been a time you want to do something spontaneous and different? but you change your mind instantly because it didn’t seem right, and later you be like “Why i just didn’t go for it?”! You have to take risks and just go for it! No matter if you fail or it wasn’t what you expected, but just know failure will happen. Move in the direction your goals are going, try to stay ahead. Living an authentically life takes boldness, courage, fearless, accepting, and honesty. If you are genuinely authentic it will come natural, trust me.

A lot of people out there have away embracing how unique and different they are, which is a blessing to me. I say a blessing because, it makes that person more trust worthy, and easier to adapt with who they are. Challenge yourself sometimes, try things that will make you nervous but it’s worth taking a risk, and it might make you also feel scared and maybe a little freaked out but you will feel accomplished and stronger in the end.

Don’t be afraid to discover new talents. Get out and travel, smile more, and just be free. Stop forcing yourself to do things you don’t like doing. Think for yourself, speak for yourself, and don’t let no one decide anything for you. Be your own voice. Don’t care to be accepted by anyone, you have to accept yourself. Don’t share your blessings, gifts, and business with everyone, because not everyone is your friend or supporter. Most of us wasted our time growing up taking others opinions, and advice, and not to sound “SELFISH” but you have to think about yourself. If you don’t who will?….

“Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are.”

                 -Julius Charles Hare



Remember to make time out for yourself, no matter what is going on or no matter where you at in life. Continue being your authentic self. Don’t let no one take that from you. 

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  1. Looks like this is the lesson I need to learn in 2019. Hoping I actually listen to all this and embrace my own potential

    1. Yes and you will trust me, stay focused, and put yourself first and everything will fall into place sweetie. Glad that this can be a motivation for you!

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  3. Powerful stuff! Great read.

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