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7 ways of changes to improve your life



Learn to take and do things more slowly, and try not to be such in a rush through your life too much. Enjoy your favorite t.v shows, book, or food. Just relax and enjoy your surroundings. Pay more attention to people around you. Live a little, stop being so hard on yourself.



So when you aren’t organized, and you have things everywhere and not where it suppose to be it can be very overwhelming. Especially if it been a while. Make a plan and pick a perfect day for you to just do a full 360 on your home. Make a list of things that need to be done, and list the rooms in order you gone do first to last. Throw out things that you are holding on to but you don’t have to hold on it, let it go throw it away! Make an effort to do a good clean up more often so you don’t have to go through this as often.





We are all creative humans. Being creative doesn’t require knowing how to just paint or draw. You can be creative in having your own style, cooking recipes, make up, or even creating your own product from home. You can find different ways of being creative by simply doing research or surprising yourself with hidden talent you didn’t even know you had until you try something different.




Planning out and prepping our meals every Sunday for the week ahead makes life SO much easier. I no longer have to wonder what I’m making for dinner while on my way home from work. Also, when you prep and pack your own lunch you’re less likely to reach for junk food (Which we don’t need), not to mention that it also saves you money. I’m sure it’s someone out there like me need to stop wasting money on eating out and changing up there health. Since i have done that, i spend way less money on food now, which is a blessing. Don’t get me wrong i slip up sometimes, but for most part i am better.





If you are a busy body like me with a packed schedule or suffer from anxiety+depression, a once a day meditation will help you be more calmer, and hopefully may stay that way. I know for me it did. Meditation reduce stress, and give you the ability to not feel so much pressure in your daily lifestyle. I have an app that i been using called head space, here is the link  ⇒⇒⇒ Head Space Sign up Click Here.  Head space is guided meditation, when i tell you that it makes my life easier it does! I recommend this 100%!.





This is absolutely my favorite topic. Finding a hobby is well worth it i promise. When you figure out something you can do in your spare time, like learning a new skill, sewing some things on your sew machine, or writing a book, you don’t have to focus on the stress in your life. This is how i started blogging, one day i was just surfing the internet and i came across a blog. Then i started doing my research. So then i decided maybe i should give it a try, and BOOM! i did. Now i love it. I love blogging so much i decided to take blogging to the next level and making it more of a business instead of an hobby.




Oh yes! I find myself more productive when i do daily walks, mostly better in the am, but anytime is okay. Even if you don’t do other extra work outs, taking a walk is fine, Get your head phones, and just walk around your neighborhood for some fresh air. A little work out won’t hurt. If you do it everyday you will feel a difference mind/body wise. Even if you grab a friend to come with. Time yourself and make a check list so you can see your progress.



          Honestly you can’t expect things in your life to change over night, especially if you aren’t pushing for change, You have to be determined to move things forward in life. Don’t never give up on learning and growing, everyday there is something new discovered and it can be relevant knowledge for yourself. Try to start off with the simple first, then from there you go forward. Feel to check out a similar blog Click this.


                         Hope you all enjoyed this blog, and hope it was helpful :).

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  1. This was a really great post, it was helpful too! I couldn’t stop reading!

    1. Thank you so much I am glad that it was helpful!! ❤️❤️🤗

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