A lot of entrepreneurs, bloggers, bosses, and college students work so hard that they forget about focusing on there self-care. Focusing on ourselves will keep us motivated, determined, and not so stressed. We tend to always put business before pleasure, but if we don’t please ourselves first, who will? NO ONE! There is nothing like pleasing you and making sure you are goin down the right path. Have faith and be willing to try new things and figure out what is best for you and what is not. Well i have a list of 38 ways to practice self-care. Although some might sound corny, but i promise you it works. 






38 ways to practice self-care:


  1.  Take a long bath or shower
  2. Burn your favorite candle
  3. Have a small pamper day (by yourself)
  4. Go for a run or walk
  5. Create a vision board for yourself
  6. Treat yourself to a movie date
  7. Have a deep intense work out
  8. Relax and listen to soothing music
  9. Read a book
  10. Stretch out (A good stretch)
  11. Organize your closet, bedroom, or office
  12. Do something creative
  13. Write down a long list of things you love
  14. Read a interesting book
  15. Do Meditation
  16. Go to a massage spa
  17. Have a game night with pizza, and a few drinks if you drink
  18. Buy yourself something nice
  19. Cook your favorite dish
  20. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure
  21. Turn off your phone and just go a little without picking it up
  22. Take a long nap
  23. Cuddle with your pet or your bae
  24. Go to a museum
  25. Go have lunch with a close friend and have some laughs
  26. Write 5 things you are grateful for
  27. Give someone a compliment
  28. Find a good movie to watch
  29. Get up and make a really good breakfast, like go way out as if you are the cook at a restaurant
  30. Go out side, get a chair, or get a blanket and watch the sunset
  31. Go to your favorite coffee place and have some good ole coffee
  32. Take things more slow
  33. Treat yourself with your favorite desert
  34. Do something for the first. It can be real simple like trying out a new restaurant, or going out to a bar alone
  35. Go to the zoo
  36. Go to the museum 
  37. Go to the aquarium
  38. Go through your clothes in play dress up



I feel we all need a few ideas, tips, and even a push! Self-care is important. Hope that this can motivate someone and maybe can give them some ideas on self-care. Feel free to contact me regarding this post. Thanks :).

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