4 Tips to removing negativity from your life

We are all old enough to understand that negative energy is everywhere. We also know that being around negative people can affect you as well. So what are you going to do about it? Continuously feed into there bullshit? or work on removing all that negativity away from your life. Aren’t you tired of sharing all the exciting things that are happening in your life with people you truly care about, and all you want them is to be happy but instead they give you a dry response or the silent treatment? Truthfully it’s time to just let them go, we all need a support system in our lives. By noticing negative thoughts and swapping them with positive ones, you can suffused your daily life with more moments in improving your health.



Here is a few tips on how to remove negative energy from your life:



Let go of any negative surroundings, even if it’s yourself, let it go! We all have our own way of thinking negative at times. No need to be ashamed or feel bad that you have negative thoughts passing through at times. The question is that are you willing to let go of those negative thoughts and swap it into positive?

Yes you are, so do it. Anyone that is around you that have nothing nice to say, sorry it might sound rude cut them off. Those people aren’t supportive not one bit, why keep people around that never have nothing nice to say or just around to put you down.




One of the easy ways to feel happy, right this moment, is learning how to be still. Listen to your thoughts. You move around all day, working, taking care of yours kids+others, trying to make sure bills paid on time, making sure all your goals for the week are done. Take time out the day to just STAY PUT. Try not to think about what else needs to get done or who needs your help.

When you start feeling frustrated, or overwhelmed by any negativity, take a moment to just relax and stay put. Your mental health is important, some of us don’t take it too seriously because they feel as if they are going to lose out on all the hard work they put in. You have to have faith and believe in the process, believe in your success, know your strength. Understand that if you take a little break your bounce back game is always on top.



When you surround yourself around people who consistently complain/nag about the same situation all day, you will eventually act on it to and become the exact same way. Others love to play the victim, blame game, and be in denial, instead of being positive about the situation. You can’t accomplish anything sitting around shouting (“Why me?” , “It’s not fair”).

Hoping and wishing also isn’t going to make things happen how you want it to. Don’t be a pouter. Things aren’t moving how you want it to because you aren’t even moving, your at a stand still wanting things to come in a blink of an eye. “Striving to achieve your goals isn’t easy, but neither is feeling lost and unproductive like nothing isn’t going how you want it to in life”. Stop talking about it and be about it.




Think about what makes you happy. Take time out to do something fun, and even practice SELF-CARE to focus on you sometimes. We make space intentionally for good things to happen for ourselves. You have to acknowledge all the good things instead of the bad. If you believe that good things will happen then it will. Be around people that make you laugh, smile, bring the inner happiness out of you.




Take care of yourself. Be careful of the company you bring around you. It is your responsibility to not think so poorly of your life and stop throwing a pity party every time something don’t go expected. Focus more on fixing the problem, and figuring out the next steps in moving forward. 


Share below: Are you still allowing negative energy and negative people into your life, but it’s not purposely and intentionally? If so, what’s one step you can take today to remove the negativity from your life? What did you do to remove this problem?


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