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You read that title, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. I know we all have our days when we are down and we don’t feel as accomplished like others, but don’t never doubt who you are. The world is in your hands remember that. Believe in yourself, believe that you are capable and blessed to be you, and to do whatever you desire. The key to success begins in the mind and heart. On that note demand yourself to turn your ambitions into reality. You dream big, aim high and are determined to translate those ambitions into actions.

I have been so insecure in myself countless of times. I didn’t need no one to put in my mind how i am because when i was insecure it was something I told myself already. I felt like i lived beyond my expectations. I started to really go days and nights just figuring it all out which led me to here http://www.theonlyseqouiab.com. Life changing i must say. Write affirmations to make you feel better, this is what I do, whenever I feel some low self-esteem kicking in, I write notes to myself. “Seqouia you can do it” “Seqouia you are going to be okay” “Seqouia you are winning”. Trust me it works.

 Talk to someone who is skilled, and able to read your body/mind and actually mentally help you. It can be a therapist, counselor, coach, or you can just simply do it. Develop the skills on your own and practice self-care/self-love. The ultimate key to success or believing in yourself starts in the mind. Once you run with that, you will be unstoppable, and thats a fact! No matter what when you dream big, reach high you will be determined to change those goals into actions. Sometimes, just seeing yourself achieve the results you want is living proof that you are good enough, and that you can do whatever you want if you put your mind into it.


When you look in the mirror work on building your confidence up. Don’t be so unsure in yourself. You never know what greatness you have hidden behind that pain. Sometimes we just need a boost and a little push for us to realize our worth, to realize our happiness, and how we should really be feeling. We have to give ourselves guidance and be determined to believe in who we are and how we “NEED” to love who we are without doubting our love we have for ourselves. Being fearless is the best way to be, don’t be afraid to find out where you stand. Don’t be fearless to learn and go through different changes. Weigh out your options and know your WORTH.


Hey my loves hope you enjoyed this blog, and i hope this helps. You are more then welcome to comment your opinions and how you feel about this post, or just your past or recent experience. I enjoy reading other people thoughts or compliments :). My main focus is to uplift others and be able to motivate and empower also.


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8 responses to “YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH”

  1. This is the first blog post I read this morning and It’s made me feel much more lighter inside. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder!

    1. Hi Ash! Thanks so much I’m glad it made you feel lighter inside that is definitely one of my goals 🙂, glad it worked! You are more than welcome love! Hope all is well!

  2. Sequoia, thanks for sharing these uplifting thoughts. They perfectly frame what will be a special and precious day.

    1. Hi big sky! Thanks so much ❤️

  3. Some wise words!

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