Middle day naps are definitely a thing right? Well i know it is, because a lot of people like even myself always get tired between 2pm-6pm. Power naps are good for your health and productivity. But to keep going and not always be slumpish it’s ways you can help that. We have to try to avoid midday slump and focus on our health because being slump isn’t necessary always lazy, it can be lack of energy as well. COFFEE isn’t a healthy choice, although i love it like crazy, but it’s other things we need to keep us ready to go! Here are a few tips that might can help, like it did for me!






          #1 AVOID SUGAR 

If you depend on sugar because you have a sweet tooth, then you probably know that those effects are very temporary. The “2 pm sugar urge is serious. Just stick to water and stay away from sugary drinks. I always keep fresh fruit with me if i’m at work or just on the move to get rid of that sugar craving.





Being dehydrated cause fatigue and lack of energy, make sure you drink water. I usually add things to my water like, ginger, mint leafs, cucumber, and lemon. That give the water a little taste and its also healthy for you. If you add the list of things i add to my water it helps release body toxins, improve digestive health,  and boost your energy. You can also research “Detox water” on google and can find a list of other ideas you can add to your water as well.



                    #3 SNACK SMARTER

First off, it’s always good to keep a healthy snack on you, especially at work or when you are out. But what are you snacking on? Chips? Candy? or things with loads of sugar? If so let it go. Make a nice homemade snack. Like for an example when i am going to work, or i am at home working and just know ill be working long hours, I make a platter of fruit, or i make Granola Bars (homemade). You can also do your research on healthy snacks to eat. Anyways, you will be less likely to make unhealthy decisions and it will you be energized and feel 100% good health wise.



                #4 MORNING WALK (SET ALARM)

So i always say taking a walk at least 20-30 mins a day is the best, because it makes you feel more motivated, that you got up and got out. Taking walks reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, improve your balance, make your bones stronger, and it helps cures the body in a fit way. It also boost your daily energy and helps from being so slumpish. When i do my morning walks, I already have plans right after so i have no choice but to hit the shower and finish my day. Even on days i don’t be as busy i still make sure i get that walk in and i feel so much at ease.




Sitting at the desk for longer than an hour will make you incredibly lazy and you will have loss of energy to even get up and do other things. Every hour at my desk i get up, stretch, and sometimes go step outside. Try finding desk exercises, i also go to to get some tips to do at my desk. Which helped a lot! Sitting at the desk for a long period of time also will make you have back issues also, and you definitely don’t want that especially all the Millennials.







  1. I’ve started snacking smarter – I now take fruit, nuts and seeds in a tiny container instead of a packet of crisps. Great tips!

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