Less comparing and more living


The other day, I realized a lot of people complain way to much about things in life. I mostly see people complain on social media and it’s really bothering. We have to come to a realization in life that everything isn’t permanent, so the only thing we can do is go with the flow.

You are not in competition with anyone not even yourself. Life is all about different experiences and breaking your own limits while growing. But as a blogger when it comes to social media i struggled with comparison because people on there is very competitive & egocentric. Now i can understand and have compassion for those who don’t feel so strongly about themselves.  


Truthfully, comparison will have you trying to get ahead & out grow your growth. Meaning, you will not be able to experience anything because you tried jumping to far ahead of the next.

You finally get 2 likes on your picture, but another person gets 6k, now you start feeling like as if you aren’t good enough. You thought you dressed better but you see someone else you feel that dress better. Why can’t this just stop? When can we stop doing things to just pleasing ourselves? 


I think at times we all need a reminder that nothing good will never come when comparing is involved from one life to another’s. 


Of course, it’s part of life to compare but all it will do is hold you back. It takes your focus off your goals and put your focus on others. Sometimes we have to step behind and come to a realization that life isn’t about competing with the next. There is plenty of other bloggers that are just as successful & motivating as you.


Instead of wasting your time, here’s a few things that can help:


1. Set strict goals: Whatever that didn’t get took care of the day before, strive to get it done today, tomorrow, or the end of the week. Focus on what needs to be done, not what haven’t.


2. Internet detox: Delete all social media apps off your phone for a couple days & go out to the real world with out it. Catch up with family, friends, or go get a new book to read. Use your energy into something productive & meaningful.

3. Write in journal: This is all time my favorite. Writing in a journal is very helpful. Take time out to just write out everything that is bothering you, everything that is making you happy, or just anything that comes to mind. Journaling is like talking to a therapist but your writing it to yourself.



            Now days the world we live in, everyone mimics one another life, or someone idolize the next person more than themselves. We have to practice more self-care, and be more focused on what is more important then the unimportant. Start living in the moment, and continue living to make you happy. Discover more on what’s going on in our outside lives, instead of our phone lives. It gets better when you just think ahead more. 



Anyways, wrapping up this blog. Hope this was helpful for some or all. 

Share your thoughts on comparison, what did you do to overcome those feelings?


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3 thoughts on “Less comparing and more living”

  1. Life IS about all the different experiences!
    I found myself subconsciously comparing myself to people I didn’t even know, that’s why Instagram had to go and I’ve been so much happier.
    I love this.

  2. I just try to be myself. Being retired from teaching for about a year, I am enjoying a more simple approach to life. I like your idea of journaling as I have been doing more of it lately.

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