5 Things to add to your blog journey to make more money

Honestly i have been blogging for two years and i am not going to lie to you guys and say i’m making $12,000 monthly, or any high numbers like that because i’m not. Of course my goal is to make just about that much or more, but i haven’t made it there yet. So when i realize that bloggers can pretty much do anything they pretty much fu*king want, I decided to try other ways to make money. Being open for opportunities actually help you get more noticed and that’s what bloggers need. We need audience. We need support. Use blogging as your main platform, but also think of it as one of your source of incomes if you decide to make blogging a full time job for you.



Heres a list of a few things you can add to your blogging journey:



Not all bloggers, but i can say a lot of bloggers start a podcast. I feel that your podcast should be related to your blog, so if you are a beauty blogger, discuss beauty, beauty tips, beauty hacks, or advice. If you have a motivational blog, discuss motivation, talk about a lot of positivity to uplift your listeners. Think of good topics to build your audience and monetize your podcast like you monetize your blog.



Start a coaching business. (Mental health coach, Business coach, life coach, Blog coach, motivational coach). Help some one with some knowledge you already have.



Writing an e-book is another way you can make good money. Write a short novel, Write a guide, tell your story. You can choose to write whatever you want and publish it online. You can publish e-books right here >> https://kdp.amazon.com



Any freelance gig i had, It started from http://www.indeed.com and also http://www.linkedin.com. Freelancing is a good way to start off your writing/blogging journey and make money. Just watch out for crooked companies & make sure you are getting paid what you deserve.



Being a Vlogger has become worldwide now. Capture your everyday moment, or decide what you really want to vlog about, and start a channel on youtube. Youtube has made so many people rich or changed a lot of peoples lives. I think Youtube is a good resource especially for those who always has something to discuss. The same thing you blog about, you can turn it into video as well, like make tutorial videos. Think about, everyone is searching up “How to’s” all day.


Their are so many other ways as well, but that will be for the next blog. Just remember once you decide to fully quit your 9-5 and work from home, having more than one income will be helpful. Some say stick to just one, but that is honestly lame to me in my eyes. I feel that bloggers have a lot of open opportunities, especially the fact that we get noticed by companies that actually want to work with us. So please take this into consideration and think smart.




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