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10 Ways to simplify your life


  1. Get rid of bad habits (Eliminate anything that is draining you)
  2. Declutter your house (A spacious clean home, will make you feel 100% better)
  3. Set monthly goals (Set at least 2-4 Goals out the month so you can focus & achieve them)
  4. Follow a quick morning routine (Morning routines is the best part of your day and keep you energized for the rest of the day)
  5. Write a to-do-list (Writing a to-do-list will help you keep all your task in order)
  6. Plan your work outs (Planning your work outs will help you stay consistent)
  7. Create homemade natural products (Creating your own products at home helps you build up your creativity level)
  8. Prepare your lunch for the next day at night (Planning your lunch a head of time will help you with better timing for the next day, ONE least thing you have to do, preparation is the best)
  9. Organize all your personal belongings (Make sure all your belongings are organized so you don’t have to worry about misplacing anything)
  10. Listen to podcast and audio books (Podcast can really help motivate & inspire you)
  11. Take alkaline water with you wherever you go (Stay hydrated!)
  12. Pick one day out the week to do a fun activity (Stay active & have fun)
  13. Make it a priority to keep candles at home (Candles will keep your soul calm & relaxed)
  14. Pack a on-the-go kit (Instead of always rushing to put things together, already have your important things packed)
  15. Keep healthy snack at your desk (Healthy snacks will keep you energized & help kill off your appetite at the wrong time)
  16. Get rid of old memories (Keeping old memories especially bad ones, will definitely put you under stress and make it hard to move forward. So, get rid of them, eliminate them)


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