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How i grew to accept my problems and moved on



Growing up figuring yourself out is amazing. I always told people i may have grew up with a parent that made sure our house hold was good and i was well took care of, but that can never change how you deeply feel inside within yourself. You can grow up rich and still be depressed, suffer from anxiety, emotional, ungrateful, rude, and i can go on. It feels good to be able to just open up freely and live in my truth now. I have no problem admitting to my flaws and sharing my past feelings from then and now…

A lot of people are Furious. Furious is something a lot of people will not admit to. There extremely angry, intense, and once you make them made they will began to start raging and going on rants. I know. That was me before. But see a lot of people wont admit to it because the world we live in, some people feel like they have to prove a point or be something there not. Some people have self-love issues but they lie to themselves and say they don’t because they are in denial.

It have been a time in life when i use to hide my true self. I didn’t want anyone to know me or even know how i truly felt. I never showed no signs of insecurities, no signs of depression. I have always been laid back and kept everything bottled in. Although i have been all what i listed, I do know that showing it would have made me look weak. And honestly when you show your weak side that’s how people take advantage of you.

I take being strong or at least showing my strong side very lightly. My last name is BATTLE, so it’s in my nature. My last name represents me as well, I have always been the type of girl/woman that will put up a fight and not give up. My mindset has always been to win no matter how I felt within myself. There is way too many cruel people and bullies in our world so I would always stand tall, and stood my grounds with no hesitation.

Life isn’t easy at all, sometimes we have to experience certain situations in life and use it as a lesson learned, or a reason why you are strong today. I been through the worst, I been judged, talked about, treated badly, and I can add more to the list. But my message with this article is to let you all know that it’s okay to live in your truth and to find yourself. Focus on what you need to change & fix it. First you have to figure out how can you go about fixing your problem first. Then from there everything will fall through. You can do it if i can!


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