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50 journal prompts for self discovery and self reflection

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One of the most complicated things about writing is coming up with something to write about, which is why I’ve brainstormed & listed 50 writing prompts to guide you in self-discovery and self-reflection that can help when your journaling. All that’s listed is what i have already used and helped me in so many ways. I learn new things about myself all the time and so can you!

  1. How was your day?
  2. Write a letter to a close friend.
  3. What memory do you cherish the most?
  4. What am i thankful for?
  5. Six things to do more often.
  6. What’s on my mind at this very second?
  7. What is it you love about your significant other?
  8. I couldn’t live without …
  9. I feel amazing when …
  10. One way I would like to grow next year?
  11. What is your greatest strength?
  12.  Five things I would like to do more
  13. How do you manage stress? Explain what has worked for you and what hasn’t work for you.
  14. What am I afraid of?
  15. Where do I see myself in 8 months?
  16. In the next month, I want to…
  17. If I had $100,000, I would…
  18. What are 10 things that make me happy?
  19. What would I tell my future me?
  20. How do you handle a bad day?
  21. If I could travel anywhere, where would I go and why?
  22. What inspires me?
  23. How do i spend my off days?
  24. What makes you feel more fulfilled in life?
  25. What do you wish others knew about you?
  26. Using 5 words, describe yourself.
  27. Describe your dream life how you visioned it.
  28. What is your biggest weakness?
  29. What is your biggest fail?
  30. What is the biggest fail you ever had in life?
  31. Who inspires you the most? and why?
  32. List 8 good qualities about yourself?
  33. What stresses me out and what can i do to reduce this stress?
  34. How can i support myself more?
  35. What are your best qualities?
  36. If you can have anything in the world what would it be? List 3!
  37. When do you feel the most at peace?
  38. Write down 5 positive affirmations about yourself. Repeat them daily.
  39. What does your ideal day look like?
  40. If you could give advice to your younger self and your older self, what would you say?
  41. What do you value most in life?
  42. A long-term goal I have is…
  43. I want people to think of me as…
  44. What has been going well in my life lately?
  45. What am i most afraid of?
  46. What made me so strong today?
  47. What values are important to me?
  48. What allowed me to reach this far in life?
  49. How can i focus on myself more?
  50. If i was to become a full time traveler, the first place ill visit….


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  1. Very worthy list. Thanks for sharing.

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