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Bad habits that make your anxiety worse

Wow! I can truly say that dealing with anxiety comes with a lot. Especially panic attacks, I pretty much watched my life crumble more and more because i suffered from this problems quite often.


What cause me to have panic attacks the most.

  • Being home alone
  • Elevators
  • Hot stores
  • Being to closed in by people

So i had to try my best to avoid all this for a very long time. But it’s hard you know? Mostly everything that is listed is something that’s going to always be there or happen. My anxiety became severe when i started doing security, because for the simple fact i had to use elevators and we had no stair access. I was too embarrassed to tell others, so I had to deal with this on daily basis :(.

I still have anxiety today, it’s just not as bad, and i am able to cope with it. These are the main things that had a big impact on my life. Imagine just going through this horrific situation, and then other stuff far as relationships, family issues, and more on the side.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend making new changes in your lifestyle. It will definitely be worth it.

Here are a few things i know that will definitely increase your anxiety:



Let me be all the way honest with you, I am a big coffee addict.

Like i love drinking coffee, I fucking love it so much that i never wanted to admit that i was addicted lol. Deep down, I knew that coffee could possibly make my anxiety worse, but i didn’t want to believe it. 

I use to drink coffee in the am and at night on a daily basis. At might? Yes honey at night!

So i end up cutting it out on my routine for a little. I told myself “NO CAFFEINE” for the rest of the month, and when i start back i will only drink it once a day. So now i am back drinking coffee, “Once a day.” If i start getting the jitters, and i start feeling anxious then i will began to slow day again. 


Be honest, when you aren’t prepared it becomes a problem. You start throwing stuff all over the place, always misplacing something, never on time, and just all the way a mess.

Say if you have an interview at 12 pm, and you are barely getting ready at 11 pm, you can’t find your interview shoes, and then you can’t find your blouse. So now you are flipping out, everything is annoying you, and your just ready to give up on everything! 

This is me by the way lol. I am very disorganized sadly. Sometimes you become that way depending on the people you surround yourself with or you just automatically that way. Never being prepared has cause me so much stress, because i’m always late to something, and I feel like I mess up so much. But now i am always working on it and trying to not let it get to me at much because it makes my anxiety worse. 

I started to use a planner and making to-do list to help me maintain a more prepared lifestyle.

Overall these small things helped with my mental health.



This is definitely one of my biggest problems. Everyday i’m always saying “what if” in my head. Why? I can’t explain but it’s mad annoying and became very stressful. If you suffer from anxiety i’m sure “what if” is a saying you definitely can relate to. It’s basically when imagining all of the bad things and everything that could go wrong right then and there, or later. 

“What if this happens” “What if i lose?” “What if i…….”

This type of thinking, took a lot of energy in my daily life. I remember just giving up sometimes. I always thought of the worst case scenarios sadly. Like throughout my day it was definitely a headache, I even started to get bad migraines. 

Now taking control of what i’m thinking has been the most helpful thing to do. I will bring myself back into present, and turn them thoughts into “I CAN”  more often, and it’s a blessing i even got to that point.



Sometimes it’s okay to say no. We try to commit ourselves to things we know we have no business doing. Saying yes to certain things can tie you down and make you feel obligated when in reality, your not.

Not saying no has left me burnt out, and under so much pressure. I overall i was just miserable at times because i knew deep down No is what i wanted to say from the start. Now i focus more and what i need to be done, and what is more important. 

So when i’m done putting me first, then i’ll see if i have enough time to actually help someone with what they asked me. Once you are cleared with knowing to say no you can really be more persistent at saying no so you don’t get overwhelmed again.


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I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

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