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Let’s talk Black lives matter and coping with traumatic racism

I would say since these past couple months, but it actually been decades since my black people haven’t been treated fairly. But, we lost another black man name George Floyd and now we are beginning to fight harder for our rights because we are beyond tired!!

My name is Seqouia Battle the creator of bubblegumplease, and i am a 29 year old black woman. I have been followed around in stores, I have been called names such as “monkey”, “african booty scratcher”, “too dark”, “pretty for a black girl”, and I can go on. This is my first time actually talking about it publicly. I’m sure growing up a lot of others has witnessed being called them names before and more. It’s definitely not easy being black at all.

As i type this i get very emotional because this is definitely a traumatic topic. I’m sure for a lot of us. Dealing with racist human beings can haunt people, increase insecurities & lower people self esteem.

What happened to George Floyd is very disgusting not only that he was lynched on camera. That was the most terrifying scene I have ever seen in my 29 years of life watching someone take there last breath with someone knee on there neck :(. Our community has finally came together because we are beyond FED UP. Although I feel it’s not enough, it’s a blessing that things are starting to be noticed.

It’s a lot of information I have been reading on my culture. Things have been hidden from us, things are owed to us, and it’s just so much that hasn’t been revealed yet. We are demanding our rights!

Black people can’t even protest without being picked at by the cops or harassed. We need to end unlawful police violence against black lives matter protesters. It’s not right that we can’t protest in peace. All we want is change, and it seems that the police is bothered by that. Hopefully things get better for the black community because we aren’t stopping until we do! 🤎🤎

I never thought in my 29 years of life I was actually going to be a part of an protest. I definitely love this experience and it’s beautiful. This is definitely historical, I can be able to tell my children about this time.

Here are a couple of exercises you can use to cope during this Racism Trauma:

1. Meditate:

Meditating can be a great coping tool for anyone. Especially during this time right now, it’s much needed. You can find so many ways to meditate. Go to a much quiet space or where you feel like your more at peace. Download meditating apps like https://www.headspace.com.

2. Journaling

I’m pretty big on picking up a pen and writing ✍️ in my journal on my alone time. Journaling helps relieve a lot of stress, depression, and just helps you brain dump a lot that’s on your mind.

3. Talk to someone.

Sometimes talking to another person about your feelings can be very refreshing. Especially if you are the type of person who likes to vent. Express yourself, and let out all what’s bothering you. You will feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

This isn’t something a lot of people were prepared for even myself. But I followed all three of those steps, and now I am coping. We have to just stay strong and stick together.




Small clip from a protest I participated myself in:

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I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on getting better. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took there time out to read & observe. Thanks!

2 responses to “Let’s talk Black lives matter and coping with traumatic racism”

  1. I am truly sorry and sad you went through these terrible things. I am white and pray this big problem will end peacefully.I love all people I am a Christian and I see is no color but God’s Color. I love you

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! And I agree with you 100% all I see is god color love you as well!!! & god bless

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