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The return of The Fobem

Welcome to 2021! Definitely probably the worse, terrifying, confusing, and overwhelming year for us all. As you see i haven’t posted an article for the new year, but that’s because i took time off to focus on my business, my child, and mentally getting my head together. Oh i am definitely back and better!

I am making this year my golden year. It’s time to start spicing my blog up a little more and bringing some juicy content to keep my blogger buds on track with me. My goal for my blogs this year is to keep winning, and getting my blogs out to the universe some more. A lot of times i get writers block and I truly dislike when that happens because it stops me from showing everyone my skills.

I finally decided to free myself 100% now. It’s time for me to open up to new things, meet new people, explore the world, build a better bond with my child, & lastly become a better version of myself. At times i wouldn’t know my worth or what i am capable of. I just know that i have a purpose everyday that i wake up, and i may can’t grasp what it exactly is, but i do know giving up is the least of my worries.

I tell myself everyday that i am beautiful, strong, & fearless. And that i am. So winning & making it my duty to prosper at anything that’s my profession is always going to be my main goal to achieve. Blogging keeps me grounded, it makes me feel like i can just be myself without getting anyones opinion. Energy plays a big part of my life. I don’t do well for too long when negative energy comes around me. I’m a firm believer when it to comes change & elevating. So my focus is brightening up your day when you tap to visits The Fobem blogs.

Catch me at the next blog!!


I am not a mental health professional, but i discuss my past to help those who are suffering from anxiety like i did. I am here to give those who suffer from any kind of mental health issues tips, and advise them on moving forward. You have permission to screenshot my articles or bookmark them for motivation & healing support. Thank you for those who took their time out to read & observe. Thanks!

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