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You can be anything you want to be

First let me start this post off by saying Happy Friday 🌞. I spiritually hope you all have an amazing weekend full of joy, peace, & positive energy.

So let’s get on this topic. I’m not sure about you, but growing up as a kid my elders always told me “I can be anything I want” which is 100% accurate. You create your own lifestyle, no one else does. You choose to go down the paths you desire. You make your own daily decisions. It’s honestly a mind thing, we think all day about tons of things before we even make a move. So all the positive things you think about, it’s in your hands to make them come into reality.

The life that you want to live will only come about by you getting rid of the daily habits you are comfortable with, or I can say that you confine in. But easier said then done all you have to do is just replace them not needed habits with daily habits of success.

What’s the tricky part about life is that people live the same year over & over thinking something remarkable is going to happen, not knowing that if the right changes take place within them, then life will blossom into a masterpiece 100%.

“What matters the most is how you look at yourself in the mirror”

-Seqouia 🤎✨

Free yourself, to become who you driven to be, remember that. Never be enslaved to a life that you don’t want to live, and I had to tell myself this everyday for me to start doing what’s best for myself. We have to stop letting people dictate how we should live our lives, or letting people get in our ear by telling us we don’t have what it takes to succeed. Your passion is your future, & your future is around the corner you just have to strive hard to get there.

Time to be different, be fearless, be hungry, be powerful & be ambitious. Get clear on who you want to be and how you want to truly live your life. If you want to see changes out there you must make the changes within yourself.

Get to work on pushing yourself to a different place you haven’t been. Anyone can overcome their timidity because once again everything starts from the mind, you have to think differently so you can become someone different. Your daily actions is what will make the major difference to your life by aiding you in your pursuit of greatness.

“When you grind hard, you live the life you always desired”

-Seqouia 🤎✨

I hope this article give some of my supporters some encouragement & clarity. None of us are perfect, and have to understand it takes time to create the lifestyle you want. Some people might get to where they want in life much quicker, and some of us like myself is taking a little longer which is totally fine!

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