Lifestyle changes that can make you more happy and less overwhelmed

Hello good evening everyone from my side of the universe. Hope you all have a wonderful day/night and I’m sending out healing + power from my inner soul to yours….

First before I get into this blog let’s do some quick healing tension release exercises.

Step 1: roll your shoulders forward 10x and then roll it backwards 10x.

Step 2: Stretch your arms. Stretch your left arm and reach over to the right, and stretch your right arm and reach over to the left.

Step 3: Make some all natural herbal tea if no tea make hot water and add lemon. Sip.

Let’s be truthful no matter how annoyed we can get or how bad our day went, somehow we still want to be happy. Definitely the truth. Who wants to live there life in misery? Who always want to be stressed out, or agitated all the time? Happiness can give you a sense of self commitment, satisfaction, and healing power for strength. Having joy on a day to day basis will always keep you in a great mood. Here I will list simple different lifestyle changes that may can help.



Physical activity can be life changing. Not getting any kind of exercise in, can turn into an insecurity because you will be unhappy that you’re unfit or your unhappy because you’re engaging into exercises that aren’t so amusing to you. So you have to find a work out you enjoy and have fun with it. Like me, I love walking. All I need is music, and I’m ready to go!


Traveling is definitely a form of self care. Some people feel that traveling is expensive, but honestly all you have to do is plan where you really want to go, prioritize your money, save, & then book. Stop making up excuses because excuses is a form of negativity, and thinking negative is just going to hold you back.


Time to start focusing on your health & well being. Many people including myself didn’t really take my well being & health serious, and one thing you not supposed to do is underestimate that. Once health conditions or an injury occur, you will began to start being unhappy and blaming yourself. Which that will only make things more difficult for you. So stay focus, and take care of yourself.


What is it that you really enjoy doing? Don’t know? Try to find some activities to do and see what catches your best interest. It’s not like doing things that keeps a smile on your face. Me, I like going to the bar, beach, or swimming at my mom house. It keeps me leveled.

Hope your utilize these 4 steps. It don’t really take much to change up your lifestyle. Just be determined, confident, & strong minded so you can keep focus.

Head to the next blog 🤞🏾✉️👈🏾.


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