Free Speaking Friday: Vision, Plan, Motivation, Free talk

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great day.

Do you all have a vision? or is it just me? Like do you crave something other than food, like a new lifestyle, a new scenery, or another way of making more income? That’s me, but i have been this way for a while. It’s like i’m content with my life, but i know i need and want better.


I can see myself living in the south in a ranch with acres of green land surrounding my home 🏡, with beautiful trees & vegetable gardens. I always said I want to live far from everyone and be in my own element. I guess my free spirited & nature loving ways get to me I suppose. I just really have my own sense of taste, sense of humor, and enjoy the thrill of being alone and away. This is my vision and this is what I desire.


My plan is to continue to work hard on my business I created & my blogging. Eventually I plan to open up more sources of income, but for now this is my only two focuses. I can’t live how i desire without having a plan, and turning that plan into goals, and achieving those goals so I can level up. So it’s only right that I stick to the script.


Honestly, what motivates me now is my kid. I now have a kid to make things happen for. Our children is our future. Now of course I also am my own motivation because I have to push my own self to keep pursuing my dreams. I have played a big part of falling behind, losing hope, & just never having any ambition on succeeding in life, and that’s what kind of had me behind at a point of time. So yes to everyone we do have to be our own motivation to or else we will continue to fail. And that’s what we are not doing!


I’m just happy that I have been focused and not surrounding myself with bad energy. Things has been very peaceful my way. I have been traveling, and enjoying life to the fullest. I am not in that dark place anymore and it’s the best feeling ever. I fought through mental health on my on and all though I have my days, it’s only temporary. So to wake up feeling relieved from stressed & mentally free is a blessing.

Every Friday I’ll be freely speaking, and just discussing things about myself, life, goals , etc. Tune in next Friday 🥂💛.

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