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Happy Saturday: Life can go from good to bad but we are the ones who are in control

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It鈥檚 completely insane how you can go from being so happy and everything you have in motion is going good, then boom! You lose it all. Once you lose it all you began to lose your train of thought, your strength, & your ability to continue your daily routine.

Life is very tricky but we are the ones who control our minds, bodies, finances, health etc. So these problems have to be figured out on our own. We put ourselves in situations because we are human and things happen.

But I always say if we don鈥檛 have any hiccups in our lives, how will we learn? How will be able to survive when we are under pressure?

To be brutally honest. A life lesson is always a good thing. No one is perfect. We fail, we have flaws, everyone not just you, not just me. Everyone鈥..

Mental health is very much real, and definitely overwhelming. When you feel like you are losing more than winning or just your life is going in complete shambles. Let鈥檚 normalize in taking a break or time off, even if it鈥檚 just a week. We feed our minds & bodies with good or bad energies, so if you do not want to overly stress or just even give up on whatever you worked hard for, DON鈥橳! find peace and put that good energy back in your aura. Be thankful of how far you already came no matter your circumstances.

You will win when you believe in yourself to. No one can鈥檛 hold your hand but yourself. Trust yourself, trust your heart, trust your mind, body, & soul.

See you on the next blog!

XoXo SeqouiaB

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