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The understanding truth of artist Cy Twombly

I decided to write ✍️ a blog about Cy Twombly because i was working at an art gallery, and his paintings were present. Remind you, i absolutely love art. So, if you didn’t know Cy Twombly is known for his signature scribbles, spontaneous & bold canvases.

So when i first seen his paintings, of course i said probably what so many others said. My kid could’ve drew or painted that.

But it wasn’t no need to compare this man art to children. Cy Twombly paintings were like poetry to our eyes without writing. He has hidden messages of different emotions, giving light & dark energy. Cy Twombly is an master piece because his paintings are unique & definitely wasn’t common. He proved that you don’t have to perfect your paintings & to just be free. Looking at his paintings at https://gagosian.com Art Gallery, really was a eye opener to show me that being creative can be in so many different ways.

Thank you Cy Twombly for inspiring me to paint 🎨, & to put my imagination + creativity to work.

I’m going to leave this here, but if you want to learn more about this great artist please look him up. ➡️ Cy Tombly

Check out more of his art 😊⤵️:

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