6 ways to overcome my fear

Fear is something that will hold you back from a lot. But all of us have experienced fear at some point in our lives, & sadly to say it’s people that still do today. Fear can you stop you from leveling up, growth, and being successful.

Do not let fear hold you back forever. Because there are several ways to overcome fear, here are my top 6:

1. Speak positivity to your inner-self: It takes little of nothing to speak positive things on a regular. Turn your cheerful moments into a normal thing for you. Remind yourself everyday that you are worthy.

2. Be confident: Confidence plays a big part in us conquering our fears. Confidence will get you that job! Confidence will get you that business! Make sure you read my other blog about confidence ⤵️:


3. Practice journaling your thoughts: I always encourage people to write in a journal, because journaling about your problems or whatever is bothering you really can help shift the mind into more on the positive side and can lead to you overcoming your fears. Also, writing relieve whatever you had bottled up inside. Now you’re feeling signs of relief.

4. Don’t try to be perfect: Most people try to perfect things or be in competition and that isn’t needed. Definitely doesn’t make anything better because in life we are going to make mistakes, I had to plant that in my head. Because at a point of time, this was my mentality. But after a while I had to understand that taking my time & paying attention will get me way further.

5. Stop living in the past & live in reality: I can admit I definitely was a victim of living in the past. It use to be so hard to let things go that you wouldn’t even agree to today. We have a slick way of using our past as an excuse for everything. And at this big age, we should know more than better. Don’t let what happened in the past out fear in you to not want to love forward and deal with reality.

6. Identify it: You have to be honest with yourself every time you’re afraid. If you don’t admit to your fears, look for the points in your life where you’re afraid, and see them as opportunities to learn to deal with fear. And see how things get more easier for you.

Please keep that in mind that these are just my experiences from the past. I’m not sure if these will help in any kind of way, which I hope it should. But this is a place to start. And here on & out don’t let fear hold you back from reaching your goals and your becoming you highest self this year!

Xoxoxo –SeqouiaB🤎


Having confidence is one of the hardest struggles now days in this era. Sometimes it’s hard to achieve that confidence when things never go in your favor, or just because of your up bringing. It’s so many different reasons why. But I do know people with low confidence are slightly intimidated by people with confidence. It is one of the things we all want most in life, let’s be honest. But overtime I have slowly grown in confidence over the last few years and wanted to share some things that have really helped me.

So firstly, understanding that confidence is something that comes naturally. Of course getting your hair down, wearing make up, or putting in a really cute outfit can make you feel good. But true confidence comes from loving yourself & knowing yourself.

No matter what you wear and how you wear it, you will always love who you are and how you look regardless. And it’s always been fairly odd to me that you can meet someone who is beautiful inside & out and they can also suffer from some insecurities to but your wondering “why is this person this way, when they are such a beautiful person?” When they think the same about you as well. It’s just not that simple though.

But when you remove everything how do you feel when you are by yourself and left with your thoughts? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when everything isn’t going right? How do you feel when you aren’t the chosen one? When I finally got tired of being insecure and not having confidence within myself, I picked up my journey and wrote a list of questions and answer them every day until I began answering them with no effort. Because I didn’t have an answer on why I felt negative things about myself.

So I started by asking myself this:

1. Why am I feeling this way? Because I really wanted that job, I have all the qualifications for the position and I never get chosen.

2. How do I feel right now? Upset, not good enough, confused, & stressed

3. What am afraid? This question right here in particular actually made me slightly emotional. Because it’s a valid question. Why am I afraid when your not suppose to live in fear. I realized I make everything a big deal because I find that it’s my mission to make sure I don’t make any mistakes. Why am I always in a worry state of mind when all I think about is “if I’m going to fail?” Me always being nervous or anxious has always been a struggle for me. And sometimes it still does… but sometimes I’ll go through things now knowing that even the worst case scenario is not something to be nervous about. I remember when I said a speech at my cousin wedding, of course I was the maid of honor so I had to say something. And yes I was slightly nervous but I actually did it. If you know me, you know I’m such an introvert and I am not bold at all when it comes to talking to people I don’t know or just talking in front a bunch of people. It makes my skin crawl. I actually was so proud of myself that I didn’t feel anxious for once. It’s something small hahaha but it was definitely a big step for me.

4. What do I need right now?

5. What do I feel about myself right now? I went to look in my note book and I said “like a failure” wow :(.

6. How do I feel about myself as a woman?

7. What do I feel about myself as an single Mommy?

8. Why I don’t feel secure within myself?

It is a journey to get to the point of truly knowing & loving yourself, reading your body’s, controlling your mind, and knowing your consistent patterns… so don’t feel defeated if that feels exhausting. I am always going to be working on myself, growth never gets old. And honestly, I think anyone is ever truly there 100%. We all will always have our days where we may feel a little weak or full of strength and that is okay. Love you much guys!! xoxoxo –brown sugar lifestyle

13 things

  1. Let’s talk about how 2022 went by so fast, but January seems like it’s taking forever.
  2. I watched the new movie on Netflix called “You people” with Lauren London. I rate the movie a 10. Definitely something worth it.
  3. I went for mimosas 01/28 and wow i had a time. But no man to call to flirt with :(.
  4. I finally came to a realization that cookies & cream ice cream is my new favorite.
  5. I didn’t know that California had so many beautiful cities to visit, I literally was on Tiktok completely flabbergasted. Can’t wait to visit.
  6. I stopped drinking hard alcohol, I can’t say for good, but at least for the now.
  7. My only child, which is a girl, turn 10. Yes the big 10! I’m so excited and just filled with joy. It still shocks me that i given birth.
  8. Currently in bed watching Kings of Jo’burgs, it’s a series that was made in Africa. Very good so far.
  9. I have to start cooking more often, the dinner i made was really yummy.
  10. I had this thought that if I started an all girls self-care travel group where me & other girls can motivate each other and go on these spiritual journeys to help us balance life better would be so dope. But then I changed my mind because I am terrible with organizing things or even putting anything together. That definitely would’ve be an good idea though. A group of women supporting one another to be the best versions of ourselves. Hmm, maybe in the future. Because I’m such an introvert.
  11. Speaking on me being a introvert. I find it so funny how some people have different reactions of me. A few people think I’m literally so quiet, and then some people like okay she talks a lot. It’s all about my comfort I have with that person though.
  12. I want to ride a camel. Although, I rode a horse for the first time and I had a terrible experience and said I’ll never do it again. I have to at least try a camel, I’m not sure if it will be a huge different but I feel it will be from videos I seen.
  13. I want to join a book club, I’ve been so into books a lot much lately. Like I always loved books, but it’s like now I’m obsessed.

Self-sabotaging habits to prevent

Self-sabotaging happens to the best of us, so don’t never feel that your not enough. But let’s be completely honest right now… Have you ever asked yourself “How do I stop self-sabotaging?”

But honestly, I’m sure most of us, at some point or another, allow ourselves to get in our own way and self-sabotage ourselves. Rather if it’s personal, or in a relationship. We sometimes can be our own worse enemy.

It’s mind blowing to me how the brain works because we can really begin to believe that we aren’t deserving for what we worked so hard to achieve.

And in reality, when we self-sabotage, we really do want a long healthy + happy relationship, but we continue to isolate ourselves at home lingering around in bed turning on romance movies on Netflix.

So most times when your irrational behavior doesn’t connect with your positive intentions, that would be considered self-sabotaging. Instead of seeking growth and focusing on becoming a better version of ourselves, we gossip, tear down one another, or even become jealous of others who are much successful than we are.

We know the steps that needed to be taken but instead we do the opposite.

But for now on let’s change this. We are going to start supporting our goals, and do what follows our hearts, and intuition. No more negativity. No more putting ourselves down and not embracing things that we know is worthy. Growth is the key to a much happier, peaceful, & positive lifestyle.

Here is a list of a few Self-sabotaging that we need to let go starting TODAY!

Signs someone is good for your mental health

It’s nothing like having like minded & positive people around you. Being surrounded by people with negative energy really can reflect on a lot of things in your life and not good for your mental health. Remember the saying watch the company that you keep? Well keep that in mind because you will be surprise on how many secretly evil people it is around you.

Here are some signs when you know someone is good for your mental health:

Five things i like to do for fun

List five things you do for fun.

  1. Travel
  2. Randomly go to the movies without knowing what’s playing
  3. Bowling
  4. Watching space documentaries
  5. Any kind of activity that involves with being out doors

I can literally go on, it’s so much things I love to do when it comes to making sure I choose my happiness first. It’s nothing like taking time out the week to just do something that will keep you in good spirits. So, what’s 5 things you like to do for fun? Drop in the comments :).

How to build a brand that represents you?

I always say that your brand is so much more than your vision. But your vision always has to be aligned with your business foundation. Also, your brand will have that authentic feel when the main outcome is your business strategy and your identity.

Now here is when I get a little more detailed:

In this blog, you’ll learn how to build a brand that represents you perfectly that will help you drive the right message to your audience.

What is a brand?

A brand is the process of creating a business name, qualities, and the personality. Your brand is what represents you in whole.

How to build a brand that makes you feel relatable to target your audience?

Define your target audience by outlining their characteristics. For an example.





& more

Those are characteristics that you can use.

Choose the top adjectives that describe your brand

Think about your creative business value proposition. You can manage research on your customers research because it can help you better understand what your customers needs & want. Think about how you can pin 📌 point your company with a more clear image.

3 main personality traits that will more than likely catch customers attention to your brand




Customers are more likely to purchase a brand if it’s personality is similar to their own personalities, if they see a vision in your brand, & if your business seems trust worthy.

  1. Get to know your target audience
  2. Stay on your brand at all times by monitoring it consistently
  3. Incorporate your personality into your main brand strategy
  4. Pay attention to things you know you need to avoid
  5. Let your customers become advertisers for your brand


If you fail to plan, the plan will not elevate. Once you have an idea in place, you need to ask yourself surreal of questions.

What is the purpose of your business?

What’s your budget plan?

What’s your niche?

Make sure your passionate about asking yourself these questions. Because that passion will come through your designs, your smile, your personality.

XoXo Seqouia 🤎

New Year New Blog name

Hello everyone :), happy 2023.

I am glad to say that I have decided to change my blog name. I felt that the last domain I had was pretty boring, so I wanted to create something that’s more catchy for my current & new friends. Also, I have other plans so that was another reason why i decided to make that change.

Please be ready because I have so much content that I will be sharing with you all. I promised myself that this year i will start posting more blogs, and I will be making that promise come true. It’s my time to share with you all more!

For the time being, please enjoy reading my blogs and send me some feedback. I would love it!

Say bye to Theopendiaryy & hello to brownsugar lifestyle blog.

I’m growing and i’m 100% happy with my change

Hey everyone!!

Lately, I have been super distant and not really doing the things i normally do. I’m not sure if i’m outgrowing people, or outgrowing the things i do on the regular, or both. But this person i have been becoming lately is pretty interesting.

If you know me personally, I am very much an outgoing girl. Meaning i love being out doors, going to parties, getting sexy, going out for drinks, etc.

The only thing that’s really on my mind is just traveling & exploring the world. It’s like i have no interest in doing anything else no matter how much it crosses my mind. And i’m like okay, maybe it’s age but geesh I’m only 32.

The truth to all this, is that maybe i’ve did everything and i am ready to just see new things. Not the same people every weekend, not the same clubs, not the same spots. I need a new scenery, somewhere that’s much peaceful, somewhere i can learn historic events that transpired in the past. It just seems that’s what i think about the most. Like traveling makes me the happiest, it’s like a big relief from the real world or something. It’s therapeutic honestly.

I’m sure i’m not the only person who outgrown the things we thought made us happy in the past.

Now it’s like if i’m not traveling or exploring the city to do something interesting, home is where i rather be. Since i’ve been home i haven’t been drinking cocktails 🍸 as much. Barely really talk to many people. And if i’m not reading a book, or watching a film, I’m trying to figure out what’s the next business i want to start.

It’s like my mind is never content but it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called growth & wanting more.

So my message to everyone is it’s okay for change. It’s okay to not enjoy the things you use to love anymore. If you feel like your pressuring yourself to be the life of the party or to please others happiness, stop & do what makes you happy! Do what keeps you at peace.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! My goal is to bring you nothing but peace, the truth, & motivation ✨📌.

Seqouia B.

Cultivating your values

We can’t talk about the biggest image of our lives without discussing our values. A value is an on going set of actions that represents who you want to be. The fun fact about most people is that we are a goal-directed community. We praise each other & celebrate our achievements.

In your life today, what do you want to represent? What do you want to be? How do you want people to view you?

Let’s mix up some encouraging words that holds common value about myself..

Trusting Respectful



Sufficient Compassionate

So you can cement your values in many ways, what i do is pick up a note book to make me some notes. I like to go somewhere that helps me feel inspired, like a cafe shop. Then i write my notes down.

Write out things that you value and write why do you value those things.

For example 📌:

What value do you place on personal growth? Learning to better control my emotions and negative thoughts. That’s growth!

Personal growth will help you grow emotionally and psychologically to become a more loving & positive person.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and hopefully it helps encourage you to start writing more about things you value. And just opening up the mind more.