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I’m growing and i’m 100% happy with my change

Hey everyone!!

Lately, I have been super distant and not really doing the things i normally do. I’m not sure if i’m outgrowing people, or outgrowing the things i do on the regular, or both. But this person i have been becoming lately is pretty interesting.

If you know me personally, I am very much an outgoing girl. Meaning i love being out doors, going to parties, getting sexy, going out for drinks, etc.

The only thing that’s really on my mind is just traveling & exploring the world. It’s like i have no interest in doing anything else no matter how much it crosses my mind. And i’m like okay, maybe it’s age but geesh I’m only 32.

The truth to all this, is that maybe i’ve did everything and i am ready to just see new things. Not the same people every weekend, not the same clubs, not the same spots. I need a new scenery, somewhere that’s much peaceful, somewhere i can learn historic events that transpired in the past. It just seems that’s what i think about the most. Like traveling makes me the happiest, it’s like a big relief from the real world or something. It’s therapeutic honestly.

I’m sure i’m not the only person who outgrown the things we thought made us happy in the past.

Now it’s like if i’m not traveling or exploring the city to do something interesting, home is where i rather be. Since i’ve been home i haven’t been drinking cocktails 🍸 as much. Barely really talk to many people. And if i’m not reading a book, or watching a film, I’m trying to figure out what’s the next business i want to start.

It’s like my mind is never content but it’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called growth & wanting more.

So my message to everyone is it’s okay for change. It’s okay to not enjoy the things you use to love anymore. If you feel like your pressuring yourself to be the life of the party or to please others happiness, stop & do what makes you happy! Do what keeps you at peace.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog! My goal is to bring you nothing but peace, the truth, & motivation ✨📌.

Seqouia B.

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